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I have never done this post and I see so many beauty girls do it, and I wanted in! I adore lip products. I have a horrible habit of collecting ones that all look very similar because I very much have a ‘look’ when it comes to lip products! Here is my current top 5, and I stress current because you never know when a new pretty colour will show up. Yes, I know, most are MAC, but I just adore their range. I personally think their colour range is second to none, and I love how you can find so many different finishes too.

1. MAC Lollipop Lovin’- This was from the Heatherette collection in, 2008? Goodness that seems so long ago now, but feels like yesterday! This is of course a collection that people went mad over, and I believe was just a web and Selfridges exclusive. I literally wanted the whole of the collection, it was really that good but the one product I find was truly special is this lipstick. I have talked about it so many times on here before, but basically a gorgeous peachy pink with rainbow effect, I kid you not! I have several back ups of this. They absolutely need to make it permanent!

2. MAC Creme Cup- Had I have had Plink or Sandy B I would have picked that but I didn’t have them on me, but Creme Cup is my other favourite baby pink. Because it’s a cremesheen it feels really moisturising and I just find it’s great for day time or night time. I’d highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t.

3. Topshop Brighton Rock- A new addition! I absolutely adore this lip product and talked about it in my recent favourites post so you can see a better photo there, but it’s the perfect coral pink. It is literally summer in a lippie! Loves it.

4. MAC Cutester- My beloved Cutester! Along with Lollipop Lovin’ this probably has to be my favourite of all time, and they’re both limited edition, gaaaaah. Cutester is a very soft peachy-pink with a lustre finish so it looks like a lipgloss on. And it has Hello Kitty’s iconic face on the actual lipstick- so, so cute! I wish they would release this again sometime. I again stocked up, majorly! It does however have a tendency to break because it’s so soft, and so when I first got it, and opened it, it had already fallen apart and so they sent me another one, so be careful with lustres!

5. MAC Russian Red- Last but not least the most iconic shade of red lipstick (arguably!) of all time. This is the ultimate blue-red shade and absolutely perfect for the full on red lip. I adore wearing this one with a paired down eye (MAC Vanilla, maybe Omega in the crease or similar) and a cat winged eye liner for a true 1950s retro, pin up finish. If only I had the glamorous life of Dita Von Teese to go with it! If you haven’t tried it, go to your nearest MAC and give it a try.

So what lipsticks do you love, or are you more a lipgloss girl? Let me know!



  1. Ooh good topic!

    Cutester is in my top 5 too.

    I need to try Creme Cup, it's on my list of shades to check out. I have Russian Red but never wear it, Viva Glam Cyndi is my ultimate red! I really want to try Brighton Rock too.

    I've been trying to wear lipstick more, it's such a classic look.

  2. I love posts on lipsticks, I'm totally obsessed with lippies at the mo xx

  3. @ Kirsty- Glad you love Cutester and a lot of my faves too. Oooh I love Viva Glam Cyndi too!

    @ Toni @ The Beauty Spot- It's just so easy to wear isn't it? Loves it :).


  4. Eeeeek my love of lipsticks was certainly filled on this post! They look gorgeous, I so wish I had got one of the hello kitty ones just for it being imprinted on it :(

    Creme Cup is my fave lippie of all time! Well in the calmed down colour palette ;)

    Lovely post sweetie, hope you are well


  5. My favourite lipsticks are probably MAC impassioned, Revlon fire&ice and Revlon wild orchid (:, I also really like russian red but I find it quite difficult to work with!xx

  6. you have NO idea how JEALOUS i am that you got lolipop lovin, i tried to get it twice, and both times i missed it :-(

  7. @ Charli- Thank you sweetness! Oh the little Hello Kitty is adorable, but it kind of makes me not want to use it sometimes, in case it rubs off! Too cute.

    @ Holly- Oh Impassioned is a classic, great choice, I completely forgot that one. And a lot of people mention that Revlon shade, I never look at their lipsticks but I'm intrigued.

    @ Nana- Awwww no bless you! It is always worth checking a CCO because last time I went to one, well the time before last, I found a Sugarsweet version. Was really shocked, but maybe you will get lucky there! Hope you find one some day.


  8. I was sure I commented on this already! I heart your collection and was wondering if you knew if the Topshop make up is tested on animals? I have looked everywhere and remember you shop cruelty free too?

    Thanks, Marina xo

  9. @ ♥Forever the ugly duckling ♥- Hello lovely! Yes I think you did, because I remember it now! I think you asked in my June favourites? But yes you're totally right I shop animal cruelty free and was very happy to find out that Topshop do not test on animals. If you go to my June favourites, I have posted a link.


  10. I love MAC creme cup and Topshop Brighton rocks!! I've never tried Russian red, but after seeing this I think i may have to! I'm new to blogging, so i would love it if you would check my blog out thanks xx


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