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Crochet Sunhat- New Look

♥ Morning/afternoon/evening everyone! I’m afraid this post won’t be the most exciting thing I have ever written, but I just thought I would do a sort little ‘update’ type post, and as most people do Sunday summary type posts anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to post it today. However this won’t be a regular feature as I’m not a very good personal style blogger…if that makes sense?

♥ Okay so first things first as some of you know, the reason I haven’t been super productive blogging wise, and well just productive in anything lately is that I’m not very well. I’m kind of umming and ahhing whether or not to describe what it is because trust me it sounds a lot worse than it is. Basically I have something wrong with a gland which is commonly known as ‘the master gland’, so as you can imagine when that is not working it inevitably spells trouble! I haven’t really had time for anything at all because I have my days filled with scans of all kinds, blood tests and what have you. Nevertheless, for some strange reason I feel so, so lucky. So lucky. Had I discovered this problem later in life it would be a different story and like I said I feel lucky because I am young enough and strong enough to beat this. I would just like to say a huge thank you to those who have send lovely messages to me lately, mainly on my Twitter because I haven’t mentioned it on here. Your support overwhelms me it really does, and I don’t think a simple thank you could support how immensely grateful I am, but I don’t know what else to say, so I will have to contradict myself by sending you all a huge thank you anyway!

♥ So next thing is that my shop is currently on vacation mode, and the reason why will become clear in the next point, but that aside, and tying in to the above point, I need some time to recuperate and work on my A/W11 collection. I have always treated my shop as a little frivolous past time that got me through my studies as yet another part time job, and yet it has evolved to something I never ever thought it would be. Most my income for my shop is local markets and personal sales, but I know that the internet is the way and that yes I need to start putting more things on my Etsy!! Unfortunately my productivity as of late is of course a little hindered by the above point, but I am very much looking forward to really pushing myself in terms of what I would like to design. I have a lot of your requests, and I have studied the trends this season, and I am super excited about what I want to come out with. If you have any requests for anything you would like to see then you can of course Tweet me.

♥ Fiiiiinal point is I am going away for a bit and so I will be neglecting my blog even more! I wanted to have a few scheduled posts uploading when I am not near my laptop, but unfortunately it is far too complex for a simple soul like me, so I am sorry sweeties!

And I think that’s my updates done! I hope you’re all okay. Leave me your news below, I feel like I have talked far too much about me for today! Oh! Actually before I end the post, just to let you all know that even though I won’t be blogging, I will still be tweeting! I have left the links above, and it is also to the side. I may not have time to approve everyone, as it is set on private, but, anyways, Tweets me!  ♥;).



  1. hope you feel better soon hun! Take all the time you need, your health is the most important thing :) xxx

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon, it doesnt sound very nice with all the tests :( Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for your aumtum collection on etsy too! Im actually working on some designs and planning on making a go of it in a couple of months too, should be fun! :)

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  4. Hope you enjoy your holidays and that you have a good time sweetie!
    And I think that you've been amazing in keeping your blog uploaded even with everything you've been dealing lately... get well soon and come back soon cause we will miss your posts xxx

  5. I hope you start to feel better soon :)You definitely need to get a good rest and have a nice holiday and put your health first :) xx

  6. Really sorry to hear that you have not been well. Hope you are feeling a lot better soon and you have a great time away :) xx

  7. Cute hat!

  8. Hope everything works out ok babe :)
    Don't worry about your blog right now. Blogs are more important than posts right now :) xxxx

  9. Aw, things sound mental; hope they calm down soon! x

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about your health! I really do hope you feel better soon and that you'll be back to your regular, productive self.

    x Michelle |

  11. hope you will get better soon :)
    i'm so jealous of your hair!

  12. I do hope you get better soon!
    I just found out you will be going to the SW blogger meet up next week, super excited/nervous! I am sure it will be a lovely day :)


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