‘Walk London's windy streets… he waits for me at home…but I wonder the secrets that only cobble stones hold’





















Sorry for being a little M.I.A lately. I have been commuting to London pretty much everyday and I am pretty much exhausted, and then on Friday I had some annoyingly bad news and I’m a little blah at the moment. I went to London for research purposes, mainly the British Library and the V&A but as you can see from the photos, I got a little distracted! But to me if you go to London, it would be such a missed opportunity not to meander around the shops, as this is where all the flagship stores live. The Topshop at Oxford Circus in particular is my love of life. I can never, ever leave here empty handed, it’s the most incredible place, although I’m the only one of my friends who likes it!

If you ever go to the Topshop then you absolutely HAVE to go to Lola’s. Oh my goodness, OREO CUPCAKES! Amaze. But be warned, they are so good, you may want to be good and get the minis! And I also noticed the new Lipstick and Curls Counter, at least, I think what’s what it is called. Has anyone ever been? I would love to go for a treat. It basically looked like a retro paradise, where they will beautify your make up and hair to look like a 50s pin up.

I think that’s it to be honest. Oh no, wait it’s not, because I just have to say…but don’t hate me…but…I dislike the Primark on Oxford Street immensely. Maybe it is partly due to the heaving mass of people that go, but it was so hot, stuffy and just crammed full of stuff that I just couldn’t be bothered! I did however adore the Dahlia store, I’ve been going for years now, but I can’t really justify £68 for a dress there right now this moment!

So there you go. Tell me about your favourite London hang outs. By the way, the title of this post comes from the lyrics to ‘London’ by Vanessa Carlton. I am in love with her, she’s amazing. I’ve been listening to the samples from her new album here. She’s doesn’t just sing ‘A Thousand Miles’, and is so underrated! haha.



  1. There is no way you can go to London without shopping :) Topshop is definitely the best one there, I love it! That oreo cupcake looks sooo yummy :)

  2. Ohhh. I wish I was in London. You sure seem to have had loads of fun. That cupcake looks so yummy. Lovely blog. Following (; xx

  3. Great pictures, looks like you had fun time shopping on Oxford St :) That Primark can be a nightmare sometimes but every so often it's worth it for some bargain finds. My favourite hangouts would probably be Westfield for shopping, Chinatown for food and Regent Park and Embankment for the scenery x

  4. *sniff, sniff* aww those photos make me feel sooo homesick for london! thank goodness I'm moving back in a few weeks from oz! woohoo! cannot wait to shop til I drop, must find that cupcake shop! xox


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