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So like many, I finally got my hands on the Naked Palette after Amy Antoinette tweeted that they had become available again on the HQ hair website and so I immediately snapped one up. I know there has been a major frenzy with these palettes, and I can see why, as a palette packed with neutrals suits everyone perfectly, but I was way more excited about my beloved Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows. But this is indeed a very lovely palette, and if you wear a neutral eye every single day, then I think it would be a great thing to have in your make up collection.

I’m not going to do any swatches, because you’ve all seen them so many times before, so instead I took a super quick, and total embarrassing shot of my eye before work, but as it was an 8.30am shift, you’ll have to excuse the lack of interest and the lack of….FALSIES!!! I know, I know. What am I doing. I feel a little disgusted in myself, and naked! But this shows you how easy it is to achieve a five minute eye of literally two colours, I think Sin/Virgin and Naked was all I used, but I’m not sure. I’m definitely up for doing some EOTDs with some colour combinations ideas? Let me know. I love doing posts like that so it would be fun to do.

The pigmentation is really good, but I don’t find the colours as easy to blend as my other Urban Decay shades, but maybe it’s just my new primer or something. I love that it comes with a brush, it means travelling will be so much easier, and the mini primer potions are amazing, and will definitely go soon! I think the only thing I don’t like is the lack of a gorgeous matte highlight shade. Something like MAC’s Vanilla would have been amazing. The lightest shade Virgin is a bit wrong on me as a highlight, but then, I am super pale as you all know.

So do you have this palette? Do you think it was worth getting? Let me know your thoughts. I can definitely see myself using this pretty much everyday, but it doesn’t have anything truly ‘special’ to me.



  1. I really want to try this! Great review :) Youv'e convinced me to save up!

  2. @ Hayley- HQ hair had a £5 coupon flying around recently, but sadly, I think they have sold out again!


  3. FAB post hun ... im yet still to get my hands on this palette!! xx

  4. Ahhh I adore this pallette!!
    At first I was just a bit...unsure. There's certainly some of the darker colours that don't get much wear, as they're a bit heavy for day to day wear. But honestly I couldn't go without it everyday. I think what makes it special for me is how neutral the colours are, and how I could pick any combination and it wouldn't look bad at all.
    Lovely post!!! Really good review.

    Le Bibliotheque

  5. I love these colours they are lovely. I've been looking for these kind of shades for a while might have to get some :) X

  6. I have the palette and I strongly suggest that everyone buy it! Took me awhile to get it but was happy and glad I did. All the colors are great and they last on! So go buy it ladies! xo

  7. great colours.
    check out mine.
    hope you will follow me :)


  8. I got this pallet on the weekend and can't wait to play with it and come up with different looks! I adore ALL the colours and I find that usually quite rare in a


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