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Hello, hello, I’m sorry it’s been a little while. I’ve had such a funny week. Last week I got some awful news, which to be honest, I’m still dealing with but then yesterday I got some amazing news. If you follow me on Twitter then you already know…but basically I will at the Clothes Show Live this year with my little shop! I am of course beyond excited about this, totally shocked, but so, so pleased that I will be at such a huge event. When I find out more details etc, I will of course let you know, but obviously it’s a little while until December yet!

But other than that, you of course all know that I was in London last week and I finally picked up the new Sleek palette. I went to the Superdrug on Oxford Street and I actually really loved it, it had a lovely layout! So I went straight to the Sleek stand and snapped up the palette, and the pout polish (what a cute name!). I know everyone raves about the pout polish, but I’ve never actually got it before, and yet I think I may have every single palette Sleek have done *cough* #addict *cough*. I guess I’m a bit funny about lip balms, because most have mineral oil in, but actually, I don’t think this does, at least, I hope not, I did look at the ingredients! I love the fact it has SPF 15, so it’s perfect to wear in the summer to protect lips, as I think we all forget that they need protecting too. Here’s a mini swatch below, but please be aware it is infinitely more brighter in real life, the photo washes it out terribly. I’m awful at lip swatches!

              073 108

But back to the palette, well as usual, I love it. I absolutely adore everything Mediterranean in general, and this perfectly evokes the beautiful turquoise hue of the sea, and the exotic flowers you get in this area. Yes it’s a bit daring, and if you’re a fan of the natural look, then it’s probably not one to invest in, but if you love a bit of colour then I’d highly recommend you pick this up for your holidays! Having said that, Bamboo, Washed Ashore and Sand Walker would make a gorgeous neutral eye. Oh how I love that Sleek name their eyeshadows. I remember the good ol’ days of saying, ‘row 2, 3rd from left’, ahhh!

But overall, I love this palette, and I know I’ll be wearing it a lot. Maybe not as much as my peach palette, which believe it or not, I have actually nearly used it up! The palette as usual is pigmentation, and the outer box packaging, is unbelievably stunning. Good job Sleek! Oh and I only skipped the blush because I have too many similar, but if you love your pinks, it is one to check out!

Have you got this palette? If so, what are your thoughts on the collection? Let me know.



  1. I have this palette and upon looking at it I loved the colours, they are perfect for summer:)
    I love the pout polish too! xx

  2. I love the colours in this palette they are gorgeous but i would never wear them too bright for me :(

  3. @ Zoe- Peeeerfect summer colours!

    @ Sarahseesall- I totally get you. I mean just like I said in my post, if you prefer the natural look then isn't the best palette. BUT I believe Sleek are coming out with a neutral palette soon, which would be fantastic for you :).


  4. Ooh wow, that palette looks amazing! I need to liven up my eyelids, I never venture out of my liquid liner comfort zone!

  5. I love this palette, I've been wearing Bamboo and Sand Walker to work this week. Congrats on the Clothes Show Live business!

  6. That palette is fab! I too need to move out of my beauty comfort zone a little more!
    Congrats on the Clothes Show.


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