Happy 40th Anniversary to Mulberry!



Back in February I posted about my little visit to the Mulberry Factory in Shepton Mallet and thought it would be nice to do a little post in celebration of it’s 40th anniversary! Whilst it may be hard to imagine now, the Mulberry brand was born in a garage in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, in the early 1970s, and that the founder, Roger Saul, set up the company with £500 he inherited on his 21st birthday. Saul was ousted in a boardroom coup in 2002, a turning point that saw a respected but small-scale company begin to transform into something bigger and glossier. However the Somerset connection remains today, with around 30% of its bags which are made at the factory in Somerset, which employs around 200 people.

Now of course Mulberry has become synonymous with celebrity fans of  Mulberry, who then become the name handbags, with the classic example of  the satchel-type Alexa bag, named after the TV presenter and best-dressed-list fixture Alexa Chung.

But you know what I adore most about Mulberry? The fact that it is so quintessentially English, and that it truly waves the flag for British fashion. As Emma Hill of Mulberry states: "We are one of the last remaining English luxury brands. We're a little bit odd and quirky, and have sheep wandering about next to the factory. We want to take all that, and turn it into a global business." I couldn’t agree with this more, and especially the Sheep bit!

So if you’re around a Mulberry counter, or even the factory, you can get hold of some gorgeous postcards, stickers and badges to celebrate such a fashionable celebration, and there is also a book that has been released which you can find out more about here.



  1. love mulberry bags!!!! and happy anniversary to them! :)


  2. @ Kirstyb- Awww thank you lovely :) xoxo


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