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At the beginning of the year (remind me where that has gone?) I decided to do a post on bloggers that I love but that you may not have heard of, and a lot of you really enjoyed that feature, so I decided to do a weekly ‘follow friday’ post like we do on Twitter, but just a single post dedicated to a blogger I think deserves to be raved about! Now the lovely Beth over at Anchor of Roses does a follow friday post too, and unfortunately just as I started writing this, I noticed her posts on the theme, so full credit is given to Beth!

Today I want to start with a lovely girl, who doesn’t live too far from me, who pretty much has the perfect blog if you love all things vintage, sewing, customisation, DIY, and Cath Kidston! Kirsty is such a lovely girl, and writes a blog that is incredibly well-written but also really accessible if you’re a bit of a newbie when it comes to thread and needle! The meticulous care with which the sewing tutorials are written means that they are very easy to follow, and she definitely has a serious eye for style and interior design.

One of my favourite posts is her little DIY shoe series, showing how even a few simple buttons and embellishments can totally transform your sandels, ballet pumps etc. And voila…shoes totally Chanel worthy!


Photos from: Another Easy Peasy Shoe Restyle Post

When I was growing up I loved nothing more than sewing away or doing DIY projects just like the above inspired by my beloved Teen Vogue and Elle Girl magazines! What I love most about Kirsty’s blog is that you can completely escape into this world again and it’s certainly made totally ‘cool’ if that makes sense?

Please stop by Kirsty’s blog and leave it some love because she is definitely a blogger to watch, oh and I LOVED her post about my wire headbands. Doesn’t she look gorgeous in them? The Leopard Anchor is a Typepad blog and I find the best way to follow blogs in general is through BlogLovin. Seriously, how I followed blogs before I do not know, it’s amazing! You can literally follow every blog known, from Blogspot, to even Lauren Conrad's beauty blog, and mine is here. I would highly recommend it. I will leave you now with all of Kirsty’s links below.

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  1. Yay for Kirst! Her blog is so relaxing and such a lovely escape. I loved the shoe post too, so easy but clever and the shoes looked gorgeous. She is a star :)

  2. It's so weird I was just talking to my mum 10 minutes ago about learning to sew properly, and then I clicked on your post in my blog feed and can't wait to check out Kirsty's blog and see what I can learn :)


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