Favourites: May 2011

May has been a very busy month for me because as you all know I had a gazillion assignments due in on the same day, so haven’t really doing a lot this month other than that, but I could just about manage to find 10 things I’ve been loving!


1. Yumi Heart Shaped Quilted Handbag

Yesterday I went to Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth and they have a Yumi outlet, so I was totally at home! I managed however to be super sensible though and just get this cute little cream quilted heart shaped handbag. I have been looking for a heart shaped bag for a while now, I just think they’re cute, and this is perfect. It is kind of small, but it’s fantastic for say just popping into town or to work etc. Absolutely love it! And only £15.


2. Cath Kidston Ticket Holder

You know what it’s like when you have a ton of cards floating around in your handbag, and that was pretty much me! So as there is a Cath Kidston store at Gunwharf Quays I decided to get this cute ticket holder. Since going through my passes I have discovered I have a rail card which is pretty handy! I don’t think I’ve used a train for nearly a year so may make a Londres trip! I always drive everywhere but I think a Betsey trip is in order after all my Uni stress! That’s my excuse, anyway ;).


3. Lady Gaga ‘Born This Way’

Yep I’m a Gaga fan! My friend was nagging me to get the album, so I just picked up the normal version and it hasn’t left my car since I got it! It’s definitely different to her debut album, but I love the growth, personally. You can let me know below if you love the Gaga or not!


4. MAC ‘Vainglorious’ Eyeshadow

A CCO purchase which I love! This is a gorgeous golden/rusty/cranberry esque shade and just the sort of thing I wear all the time, I love it. This was of course released with the MAC Venomous Villains collection from the A/W 10 collection, so I think it will get more wear later in the year, but to be honest, I will probably use this a lot as a crease colour or eyeliner shade in the summer. I think it has the power to be a very versatile shade, and I love the Evil Queen packaging!


5. Good Things Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser

I mentioned my love of Good Things in my last post, and this month I have been using their creamy cleanser morning and night and absolutely love it! It smells seriously fruity and fresh and it leaves your skin feeling silky soft. I also adore how natural the range is, and I think the prices are actually very reasonable. If you happen to see the range in Boots, I’d highly recommend checking them out.


6. Paperchase Hand Stitched Journal

Isn’t this notebook so gorgeous? It’s such a sweet design, and I adore the cute little kitten! I have decided to use this book as a ‘thoughts book’. So ideas for Uni, blogging, and similar. It feels strange to be this organised, but this book makes it easier!


7. Too Faced Shadow Insurance

I mentioned this in my ‘products I always re-purchase post’ and it got me thinking how much I love it. I don’t know what else to say about it to be honest. It’s just a great product!


8. Eylure Cheryl Cole False Eyelashes

So there’s been a lot of Cheryl Cole talk lately, and to be honest, I am totally lost with it all, but all I know is her new style Eylure lashes are gorgeous! I absolutely loved the Eylure Girls Aloud series, I proudly own every single one! The brand has recently re-launched the girl’s original lashes in this white packaging, with the same lashes, but Cheryl’s were restyled. Personally these are SO much better. I didn’t really like the old Cheryl lashes, but these are absolutely gorgeous, with plenty of gorgeous length at the ends.


9. Soap and Glory Feel Good Factor SPF 25 Facial Moisture Lotion

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I go on about this ALL the time but I actually adore it, really I do! You can read my full review here and see why!


10. Pom Bears

One of my favourites snacks ever, ever, ever! Thank you to Pom Bears for getting me through my essays, oh how I love you! Serious yum!

So what have you all been loving in May? Are you bogged down with work and exams? Let me know!



  1. Great post. I love your blog



  2. That Paperchase journal is just stunning!
    I like some of Gaga's music but find her a little annoying. Lots of my friends love her though and I can see why.

  3. @ theosingha.com- Thank you!

    @ Lillian Funny Face- I get you, a lot of my friends are the same way!


  4. mmm pombears, not had them in years! i keep meaning to try out the good things skincare range, all the products sound really nice xx

  5. The Paperchase Hand Stitched Journal is so cute. x

  6. I've got that Paperchase notebook and I love it! I haven't yet really decided what I'm going to use it for but I'm a stationery-fiend so am quite happy to have it sitting on my desk.
    Pom-bears are INCREDIBLE. Possibly one of the greatest snacks. EVER.
    Fab post :) x

  7. Ooo you'll have to do a post wearing the falsies xx

  8. I love the handbag in particular. It's so cute! xx

  9. The handbag is gorgeous!
    I love Cath Kidston, I have that card holder too, I use it for my oyster card :P
    AND POMBEARS!! <3 Yumm! :) xxx

  10. I love the yumi bag and the paperchase journal, they are both so cute :)


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