Favourites: June 2011

Ugh, what a month. So with that, let the favourites commence!


1. China Glaze ‘Strawberry Fields’ Nail Lacquer

I went through a lazy stage this month with my nails, in that I couldn’t be bothered with them…and also because I have run out of Seche Vite! However this nail polish definitely got me falling back in love with nail polish. It dries super fast and I adore the hot pink shade with gold reflects. Beautiful!


2. MAC Heatherette Collection Alpha Girl Beauty Powder

I’m a bit boring with blusher…I tend to use the same thing every day, which lately has always been MAC’s Dainty, but lately I went back to my beloved Alpha Girl beauty powder which MAC released in 2008 (I think?), in the Heatherette collection. It’s a gorgeous peachy pink that because I am so pale, works amazingly well as just an everyday blusher. I love it a lot and have been wearing it with…


3. MAC Perfect Topping Mineralize Skin Finish

This gorgeous mineralize skin finish which was released in the Sugarsweet collection? I’m so slack with collection dates and what not, sorry! Anyway all I know is that it is limited edition, but it shouldn’t be because it’s the perfect highlighter with a mix of pink, lilac and gold. Perfect for this time of year.


4. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer

Yes, more make up! This time it’s concealer. Even though I’m not a make up girl, I don’t wear much concealer or foundation, but have lately been a little interested in them, because my skin is a little crazy and I need to go back to my Healthy Skin Diet! But this concealer is fantastic on under eye areas and blemishes. The shade I have looks pretty yellow, but it is the lightest shade they do, Porcelain, which actually does work for me. Bobbi Brown is all about yellow undertones, so that kind of makes sense. I do struggle with shades for my pale skin but for me I find this works really well, although the powder goes everywhere, so you have been warned!


5. Urban Decay Naked Palette

Yes, yes, it’s that infamous palette…AGAIN! The whole beauty world has been lusting after this little beauty and the demand shows no sign of slowing down. I have been pretty much using this every single day since I got it and love it. You can read my thoughts on it here.


6. LUSH Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar Slice

I have mentioned this quite a bit in the past, and when it was last released in February I majorly stocked up! It’s the perfect summer bath time treat, and especially something with a delicious strawberry scent, very fitting for Wimbledon, even though I don’t really watch sports!!!


7. Topshop Brighton Rock Lipstick

When Topshop had their amazing 20% student discount week I also made a little splurge on their make up as I have shamefully never tried their lipsticks. Brighton Rock was always on my wishlist and so finally it is mine! It is the most stunning coral pink lipstick and I absolutely love it. It’s so comfy to wear, is super flattering and I just love it. Already a favourite lipstick!


8. Essential Ultra Honey & Shea Butter Deep Conditioner

I reviewed this late last year and would you believe that I have actually just run out, so even though with the shipping it is a little pricey (it’s from Singapore), it is definitely worth the money, and lasts a long time. My hair loves this stuff, it makes it so soft and I just wish it was easier to find. If you want to check out my review you can click here, and also watch the super cute advert for it! So kawaii!


9. New Look Bow Front Sandals

I love, love these cute bow sandals. They are so comfy (believe it or not!) and they go with all my summer dresses. I took this photo before I wore them, but since I got them, I have been loving them. I actually got these in the London New Look store, the one by Oxford Circus. I find it quite a strange New Look, because I thought it was the main store, and yet to me, it’s quite small. Anyway, if you want a pair of these lovely things, they are currently in the fantastic 50% off sale here.


10. Happy Hair Days Marshmallow and Coconut Colour Care Shampoo

First of all, is it bad that I only wanted to get this product because I heard it had marshmallow in it?! No? Okay, probably, but is smells uh-mah-ziiiing. Just wow. It smells very sweet, but not overly so, just a lovely light sweetness, especially with the coconut. But of course, aside from the smell it is probably a little silly I got a colour care shampoo when in fact I have never dyed my hair, but I thought I would try it out to see if it retains my redness…if that makes sense! My hair is naturally a dark auburn but in summer I tend to get lighter and blonde highlights and I really dislike it, so I am trying this out, and so far, so good. I love this shampoo. Moreover it has no mineral oil, SLS or parabens, so win, win, win!

So I now want to know what you have been loving in June. Let me know in the comments, or link me to your favourites post if you have done one.



  1. The topshop lipstick has a perfect summer color!

  2. I love your favourites!

    I would love that topshop lippie and wondered if you knew if Topshop cosmetics were tested on animals? I have looked absolutely everywhere and there is no info to be found! I thought it might say something on the box?

    Marina xo

  3. @ Glitter Detector- Definitely the perfect summer colour!

    @ ♥Forever the ugly duckling ♥- Thank you lovely! It actually doesn't say on the box, but someone I know who works for Topshop has always said it isn't, so I have always hoped that to be the case because I cannot use brands like Johnson and Johnson, Loreal etc because I just can't stand animal testing. They definitely need to make a confirmation though.


  4. ETA: Here is confirmation they do not:



  5. WHERE did you get that shampoo?! I must try it!

  6. Those shoes! I've had them in my wishlist for so long but none of the stores here have them and now they're half dress online and they don't have my size :( They are so beautiful!

    L x

  7. @ Robyn- Opps I should have said! I got it in Boots. I think it was only £3.99 :).

    @ Half Dressed- Oh no I hate it when that happens. Hope you do manage to get them, they are ridiculously cute!


  8. Great favourites :) Strawberry Fields looks lush, I may have to get that! I haven't tried Topshop makeup yet, I really like the look of that lippie though. Gorgeous dress! xxx

  9. Thanks for that link :) So happy they do not test! xo


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