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So just on Friday I did a post about my dressing table organisation and suddenly when I got home from work I had the urge to do the same to my wardrobe. Like I said in the latter post, I am what you may call a ‘chaotic organiser’! I like to be organised, but I don’t necessarily have a less is more approach…it has to be very busy! We have had several charity bags lately, and so every once in a while I like to go through my stuff and see what I don’t wear anymore that someone else can enjoy.

The first few two photos are from the right hand side of my wardrobe. In here I have leggings, a few jackets and then all my skirts, shorts, and nice tops that I don’t want to be folded. The most useful thing in here in regards to storage is this top hanger I have that I put all my vest tops and similar on, and they hang so amazingly well on it, and take up much less space. I have a close up photo third photo from the bottom. Above this I have some bags, and underneath I have a few sandals. To the right I keep my ‘driving shoes’ because I’m a heels girl through and through. Having said that, I have been getting into flats a lot lately. I also keep shoes that aren’t too presentable anymore but that I can’t bear to throw away. Like those cream crochet shoes I stupidly wore in a total downpour and that now have wet toe marks in! haha. Still wearable though!

Next photos down are pretty much all my dresses. Dresses, dresses, dresses: My signature look! I think this is pretty much all my dresses, except for my Betsey ones, or very good ones, that live somewhere else as I keep them in plastic coats to protect them. I tried to organise them into winter to summer but instead just did colour order because I found that aesthetically more pleasing! I may do a top 5 or 10 or whatever favourite dress tag? Let me know if you’re interested in that. Below my dresses I keep my boots and my Marilyn Monroe suitcase, and above, everything for my shop. Oh and you may be wondering: where are the jeans, where are the trousers? I don’t own any. Yes, I know, I’m weird, but I just don’t like them!

Underneath this are jumpers and other tops, and above that are hats, swimwear etc. I also keep receipts in this cupboard, I don’t know why, but I do! And right at the bottom I keep my hairdryer, curler, straighteners and what not. They don’t really fit, but they just like it there!

Then the last photo is my shoe wall, with a few miscellaneous handbags for good measure! I know, I know, that feather curtain is a bit naff but it keeps dust out ridiculously well. I’m swapping it with something else but it does the job to be honest. And I think that’s pretty much everything! As with my dressing table I am no way saying this is organised, but it’s what I find works. I would love to know how you all store your clothes, shoes, etc. Let me know your storing secrets. I love having a peak into other people’s wardrobes!



  1. LOVE your shoe storage! It looks so pretty :) x

  2. Thank you! It just seemed the most practical way to store them, and I can see them easily this way :).


  3. I love my wardrobe when it's just been tidied like that. All your stuff is so organized and you have some awesome shoes! xx

  4. Wow nice storage! I am so sad, I'm currently downgrading from a 3 door wardrobe and 2 door wardrobe like you have, to just a 2 door wardrobe and a chest of drawers :( my room needs more space though so has to be done! XXX

  5. OMG ! You have so much shoes!! Ahah!!
    I wish I had that much but since my feet are enormous, fat, large, anything you want, I can't fit in most of the shoes I like!
    Great storage I like your wardrobe!

  6. So organized and beautiful! I love the shoe collection.

  7. OMG you have so many gorgeous shoes. x

  8. I wish I was this organised! My stuff is just everywhere lol

    Also, loving your New Look receipts box... I might steal this idea, I always loose mine x

  9. Oh geeez I wish I had so much space for all my clothes! So tidy! My wardrobe is a mess :P

    L x

  10. @ Gem- Thank you! Trust me, it's not always that tidy though! ;)

    @ Lydia- Ahhhh that sounds like a tight squeeze! Folding does wonders though!

    @ Dayday- Nooo my feet aren't perfect! I have seriously wide feet so I have had a lot of the same shoes for years and years. I totally get you!

    @ Colette- Awww thank you!

    @ The Brunette- Hehe, thank you :).

    @ Tor- Hehehe, love how you noticed that! Someone at work suggested it to me and it makes it SO easy to find them all if needed.

    @ Half Dressed- Thank you! But trust me, it's not always this tidy! ;)


  11. @ Glitter Detector- Thank you :).


  12. ahhhh!!!! you have sooooo many shoes!!!! Lucky;) keep up the great work!!!


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