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I have exciting news for you all! So I know lately a lot of you have been excited about my new wire headbands and unfortunately there has been a slight delay getting them on the shop due to getting models free when I am, but I pretty promise that in the next week they will go up! However in the meantime, if you are in the Bristol area, I am really excited to announce that you will now be able to buy my wire headbands in the flesh, in the most gorgeous little crafty store ever- I Love Crafty! I have talked about this shop quite a few times before. First in my shopping guide to Bristol and then I did a little post about my visit and goodies I got here.

The shop is the creation of Laura Hunter a Bristol based crafter who added to her online shop and market presence with an absolutely stunning little Aladdin’s Cave of pretties in a shop in Clifton Arcade, Bristol. As well as selling her own beautiful handmade creations of vintage tea sets filled with incredibly perfumed candles, bubblegum and other sweetly scented Puppy, Owl and other handmade soaps designs and beautiful vintage inspired jewellery, plus so much more, Laura also has around 30 other crafters goods on sale. This is such an amazing thing to do, as being a crafter yourself, there is simply nothing like actually seeing your designs come to life in an actual shop! So I am truly thrilled to see how my little creations will fit in, and I really hope that this will be a fantastic opportunity for any of you who are near to see them in the flesh and try them out! I will be adding more designs as time goes along, but as I explained to Laura, I have been a bit slack lately! I am actually working on some new things at the moment. Don’t worry, I am keeping my headbands going, but I am working on equally cute things which I hope you’ll love too!

I Love Crafty is seriously my favourite shop in Bristol, and if you look at the above photos, and know me, you’ll see that literally it is my style completely under one roof! Bristol is a fantastic shopping destination, and a city I know so many of you are near, so it would mean the world to me if you popped in and gave me your thoughts, I would love to know what you all think. My comments are still a bit wacky at the moment, but you can also Tweet me! I’m going to leave the details about how to find the shop below. Laura has a blog for her shop, a Facebook and a Twitter so if like me, you fall in love with the shop, make sure you follow them all! Are any of you Bristolians?!


The Clifton Arcade, Boyces Avenue, Clifton, Bristol BS8 4AA.




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  1. I NEEDto visit this shop it has amazing hings ( I want the doggy soap in my life) plus i love the colour scheme!!! it looks amazing :)
    well done chick, I cant wait to purchase one of ur hairbands too hehe!!
    <3 it! xxXxx

  2. that has to be the cutest store i've ever seen!

    Also, I have a giveaway going on at my blog for a $20 gift certificate to Green Apple Paperie if you're interested. They have super cute stuff!

  3. That is fantastic news! Congratulations :) Your hair accessorize's look like they will fit right in there!

  4. This is possibly the cutest shop I've ever seen in my life! x

  5. @ Gracie- Awww thank you lovely. I hope you get to visit the store, it's so sweet!

    @ Ashley Borysewich- It really is!

    @ Gemma- Thank you lovely! :).

    @ Sophie Isobel- I would agree! :).



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