NOTD: Barry M ‘White Frost’ Nail Effects



So just a few days I did a post featuring the blue Barry M nail effects polish called ‘Blue Print’, and now I am trying the white version, aptly named ‘White Frost’. Actually, I did try it when I was playing with the blue one and really didn’t like it again, but one of my lovely readers suggested using less, so I did but unfortunately this product and me just aren’t meant to be. It was less clumpy this time, but I just couldn’t get a nice even amount like I do with the others, and overall I don’t like the pattern it created. You can especially see what a mess it made of all my nails. Ahhh it looks so messy! I really want to take it off but I’m leaving it on…because I’m lazy, haha. But yes, I’m sorry to say but I regret getting this one, and wouldn’t recommend it. It could be of course that I have purchased a dodgy bottle…just my luck!

Anyway to check out the collection of Barry M nail effects click here.



  1. Ooo no :( I brought this one the other day and haven't tried it yet. Gutted it's not as good as the others :( I'll test it out soon and see how I do!

    L x

  2. Please let me know your thoughts because I am convinced I just have a bad bottle, because I really do love the Barry M Nail Effects.


  3. i did a review on this the other day as well! i used the black one and i really didnt like it. it just dries up the brush so quickly :/
    i think it looks better on other people than me :/
    i thought everyone loved this nail polish but ive found someone who doesnt! woo! :P



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