Missguided Spring/Summer 2011 Lust List

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I’m sorry for being a bit slack on the old blog front lately. Even though I became free of essays last week, it was only really until today that I have found some ‘down time’, and it feels very strange! However I am hopelessly behind on posts, this one included. A few weeks ago I was actually contacted by Missguided, a company that I have shamefully never really checked out. Anyway, they were interested on thoughts on their website and I said I would check it out and do a post if I was interested, and interested I was indeed! BUT it is important to stress that I am not being paid to do this post whatsoever, and I received no freebies etc. I am very picky that things I talk about on my blog are within my style, so I was browsing the website for a little while before I did this post.

I kind of imagined that Missguided was a place for dresses for a big night out kind of fashion but there is literally a ton of cute things that I adored for the day too. I decided to do a little wish list, like I did with Yumi and there is a lot of things that are very much my kind of style. In particular I adore 13 and 14 the Rabbit dresses with a little collar, but then of course I do, I am so weirdly obsessed! In fact I think come pay day the little peach version is mine. If you want to see the rabbit detail up close then there’s a very handy zoom tool! It’s so ridiculously cute. I also love number 4, that playsuit, which is exactly the same one as the Miss Selfridge one, but seriously why spend nearly £4o when you can get it for £24.99, that’s amazing! But actually I think out of everything (apart from the Rabbit dresses, of course!), I may also have to order numbers 12 and 15, the beautiful lace tops. As I discussed in my Spring/Summer 2011 trends post lace is huge this season, and there’s been a lot of it on the high street lately. I couldn’t resist this pretty from Topshop, except it has longer sleeves and isn’t the maternity version, they must have sold out. Anyways, I have been looking for a lace top just like the ones above, because all the others I have found have short sleeves and to be honest, it’s not actually been that amazing weather wise this week. I think I may have to splurge on the white version although the coral is very pretty.

Anyway, that was my little Missguided wish list. Has anyone ever tried anything from the company? And if so, what did you get? I’m very happy to see that a- there’s a student discount, and b- free delivery over £35. I wish more websites did this! If you want to check it out then click here.

Oh and one more quick thing to mention. Blogger is being mean and won’t let me reply to comments on my own blog, and now no one else's. It’s extremely annoying, and so please apologise for the moment whilst I can’t chat to you all there for the time being. I’m so sorry if I missed one of your questions. Please don’t think I am ignoring you because like I said, I love chatting away in the comments. However you can always Tweet me.



  1. I love all these Missguided picks, those lace tops and embroidered dresses are just beautiful. I've seen the company featured a lot on blogs and it gets tons of coverage on MTV but I've never bought anything from there. Might have to go in for the purchase! Loving the free delivery. x

  2. Those dresses are so cute but I especially love the coral lace top in the last picture :)

  3. OMG I love that coral rabbit dress and the Frankie Sandford style red dress xx

  4. I have a bit of an addiction to Missguided at the moment. I have the first dress and also the navy one like Frankie from The Saturdays and love them both! (I also have a lot of other things from there, can't seem to stop buying!) They're good quality and reasonably priced so I'm a fan! x

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  6. @ Jasmin- Yes the free delivery is definitely a bonus because sometimes that is exactly what puts me off buying online!

    @ Sadie K- Yes the lace tops are just so stunning. I am so tempted!

    @ The Brunette- Me too! So cute!

    @ Amy Antoinette- Yeah I LOVE how good quality their 'celeb copies' seem. Such good value. I'm now a fan too!

    @ uhooi- Thank you!



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