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Today I have been having a bit of a sort out, and it feels good! Whenever I hand in a huge assignment I always feel the need to just do a general de-clutter before the next one arrives. I hadn’t tackled my dressing table for quite some time so I thought I would just give it a bit of a spring clean. You’ve all seen my dressing table before in my make up storage post here from over a year ago which honestly felt like yesterday for me. It is quite weird to see how much it has changed in that time though.

I wouldn’t say it’s particularly organised, whatsoever, but it’s kind of that, ‘busy, everything has its place’ kind of affair, and that is very much just my character. I love little trinket boxes everywhere, and I just like a lot of things going on!

However I have made a few changes. I have moved all my jewellery onto the left hand side and store all my earrings here. If I wear any jewellery it’s always earrings so I need to have them quite organised and in easy reach. Rather than a million different scents I have now narrowed it down to just two: day and night. Right now I’m using Juicy Couture Couture which I reviewed last summer and for night or very special occasions my beloved Betsey Johnson perfume which I reviewed back in 2009, I think. I do have other perfumes I use for the day, but there were just too many to knock over before! I am a bit of a saddo and keep old perfumes bottles because I like to remind myself of the scents.

I still have that silly looking clay pot, but I painted it when I was little and cannot get rid of it for sentimental reasons! I just keep my mascara, eye lash curler and a broken jewellery stand in here…don’t ask about the latter! I’m the kind of girl that only owns one mascara and I’ll use it continuously, so I use it up within 3 months or so. Is anyone else like that? I never have a million on the go at once. I like it in a pot in easy reach because I wear mascara every day if I wear nothing else.

Other than that I have added all my hair accessories over my mirror. Some are mine, others are pretty old and a mix of new things that I purchased from various places. Whenever I make something I always test it out, and being a hair accessory maker, I wear them everyday, so although they look messy hung around my mirror like this, it’s so easy for me! I have big clips attached to the side of the mirror which is the only usual storage tip I could possibly offer! That’s pretty much it to be honest. My eye shadows are still on the little plate, and my brushes are arranged accordingly, from MAC and miscellaneous to sparkly B ones. They desperately need a wash I know! My MAC SE mini brushes are actually in another case, so lately I’ve been storing my gorgeous Accessorize Japanese lady combs which I am obsessed with! You may have been able to tell ;).

Whilst I am not really claiming this is a good organisational method, I think it’s fun to show elements of your room which say a lot about you. So I am now intrigued to know where you all do your make up. Do you have a gazillion products spread across the table, or do you take a more minimalist approach? I would love to see any photos, so let me know below!



  1. Yes, I love being nosey at other peoples storage! I need to get myself some nice pots to put my brushes in, I'm going to London in a few weeks so I may have a look :) Love your earring holders, they're super cute :)

    L x

  2. Your set is so pretty and really reflects your personality :)

    When will you be adding the usamimi's you made to your etsy store?


  3. Your dressing table is full of such pretty things :)

    Where are your earring holders from? They're lovely and I just keep mine in a box so they all get mixed up and is a nightmare looking for pairs when I'm in a rush!

  4. Loves it! I did a similar post recently. Feels good to declutter! xx

  5. this is so pretty! theres so many pretty things!
    i love those earring trees!!


  6. Aw, it looks so colourful and sparkly. I really like the crowded but organised look too.

  7. Such pretty storage! I love all your earrings :) My storage is quite boring, I've been trying to spruce it up a bit recently though.

  8. Wow, everything looks lovely! So neat and colourful! :) x

  9. You have such a pretty dressing table! I love the earring storage :) x

  10. I love the lay out of your dressing table, it's got so much personality!
    I can't deal with clutter so have a little sort out every now and again. Will be posting on my dressing table set up soon!

  11. @ Half Dressed- If you go to London there's an amazing store in Covent Garden, think it's called Wonder, does TONS of cute pots!

    @ ♥Forever the ugly duckling♥- Thank you sweety! The headbands should literally be on sale this time next week. Will update here for sure. :).

    @ LovelyMissMakeup-thank you lovely!

    @ Sadie K- The earring holders are actually all from Claire's Accessories. They are all a few years old, but it may be worth checking out :).

    @ Computergirl- Will check out your post! A declutter feels good indeed!

    @ aimee- thank you lovely! Good ol' Claire's Accessories :).

    @ Julianne- Aww thank you!

    @ Sophie Isobel- Accessorize do gorgeous storage, and actually Paperchase do too. You should definitely check them out :).

    @ Hayley- Thank you lovely! Although it's only 80% neat most the time ;).

    @ Gemx- Thank you sweety :).


  12. @ Princesselfy- Great! Let me know how you get on :).



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