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I am ridiculously excited to show you lovelies some pretties I have been working on for my shop and that I gave you all a little sneaky peak of here. Now I know you see these everywhere at the moment, what with Primark, New Look and similar hosting a variety of pretties, but I am just one girl, with one sewing machine and this has literally taken me about a year in planning. No joke! And as I discussed in my last post, I am struggling with what price to set. They do take quite a lot of work, and my fabrics vary enormously. It ranges from block colours, to some nice fun prints, or some unbelievably stunning Japanese fabrics. Now I’m not going to lie, these cost a fortune, but I think you’ll agree they are simply divine. The Alice in Wonderland fabric is just one example. And here begins the dilemma. The general consensus on my last post was that a few of you think £5 is an okay price, but some of you would prefer under £5. But if I charge under £5, or even £5 for say any one using the Japanese fabrics, I simply will not be able to produce them. Therefore I think (shame I can’t think up ideas quickly enough for essays!) I have a plan! I’m simply going to do different type of ranges. Sooo:

  • For £4/5 you can get sweet basic fabrics such as block colours, polka dots, stripes, florals etc.
  • For £7 (not quite finalised) you can get the gorgeous more expensive fabrics from Japan.

So basically any fabric I can get which costs under a metre for £5 will go in the lower priced range, and the more expensive fabrics will go in the higher priced range. Simples! ; ).

What do you think to this plan?! I hope this way it will mean everyone who wants one can afford to get one. I’m so surprised that there has been such an interest in these, and my emails are full of requests which is a lovely shock! So thank you so, so much for all your support. I’m not sure when they’ll go on my shop, but I have made quite a few already, I’m just waiting on more fabric and little things like that. Thank you so much again my lovelies, I really appreciate it.



  1. hope it goes well for you! i would love to do something like this when i start getting followers :L xx

  2. I think that pricing sounds good, if people want a stunning fabric then they would pay for it, I know I would be happy to pay a little more for a better/nicer fabric :)

  3. They are gorgeous- going to have a look at your shop now too.
    The fabric is lovely, although I think because high street stores can make them so cheap- it is hard.
    I got mine from twist & bend, and for me, it was the first time I saw anything like that, so paying the £7/8 (something like that) I didn't mind doing, but Primark sell them so cheap, it's a bit like hmmm.
    I'd say £5 was a good place to start, and you know your self the fabric is lovely & the quality is good. & they will be made with love & care x

  4. I love these SO much and cannot wait to get one!! I think the pricing is very reasonable! :)

  5. I think that's very reasonable! I LOVE that Alice one!

  6. @ Kia- Thank you for the comment! You don't need followers to start a project like this! I have been crafting long before my blog! You should definitely start something :). Let me know how you get on.

    @ Beautiful You- I'm so glad to hear that you think it's a fair idea. Thank you for your feedback!

    @ Steph0188- Awww thank you lovely! I really appreciate your feedback!

    @ Lucy- Yay! It reminds me I must update you on yours!


  7. @ Robyn- Thank you! I will be sure to save one for you then! ;).


  8. They look great, especially the Cath Kidson-esque one in the last photo. Having the 2 ranges is a really good idea x

  9. I think those prices are fine! I'm looking forward to getting one :)

  10. I think that sounds very reasonable! I love the alice fabric! :)

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  12. Wow what a fabulous idea! Your so creative and truly inspiring. They are so cute xx :o)

  13. These are so pretty! I really like the skunk one with lace. I hope they come to your shop soon!


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