Sweeten up your hair this Easter!


As you all know, I make cute, whimsical hair accessories in my spare time, but I am hopelessly slack most of the time! However, I did manage to make some little Easter bows this year, and as a treat for you all, if you enter ‘EASTERTIME’ at checkout, you can get a lovely 10% off anything on the shop. I am SO excited with some new things I’ve been working on, which are completely different to what is already on the site (but needless to say CUTE!), but I’m literally spending 80% of my time doing University work at the moment so I just can’t quite finish them up. But anyways, this Easter I will be sporting my little chocolate Easter bunny bow, and if you want one yourself, then click here. Enjoy! Oh and I hope you’ve all been enjoying the gorgeous weather, I can’t wait to get back to regular blogging once my assignments are done with. Shame I’m the slowest essay writer EVER!



  1. This is so so cute! The perfect easter treat!

    The Flower Girl


  2. This is soo cute you always have the most adorable items on your blog , love it xx :o)

  3. They're seriously cute! Argh good luck with your assignments, hope you get to enjoy the sun! xx


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