The Royal Wedding: THE Dress!

You may have heard that today there was a rather special wedding going on, although it hasn’t been talked about much, so you may have missed it ;). No I know, I know, no one has talked about anything else! Today’s post of course had to be dedicated to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I’ve always warmed to William and Kate. I’m not normally much of a Royal person, but the fact they met at University (and being fellow history of art students like moi!) and seem so genuinely happy and in love makes me warm to them immensely. I also think Kate has an incredible sense of style, and when I had the rumours very early this morning that Kate would be wearing an Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton dress, I was so happy.

The 9ft train on the stunning McQueen dress flowed from a skirt echoing an opening flower, with white satin gazar arches and pleats. How lovely is that? The bodice and train were decorated with handcrafted lace applique flowers, made according to the Irish Carrickmacross lace-making technique. The four floral emblems of the United Kingdom: The rose, thistle, daffodil and the shamrock were incorporated into the stunning lace design. Because the lace was coming from different sources, from both England and France, great care had to be taken to ensure each was exactly the same colour. Apparently, workers had to wash their hands every 30 minutes to make sure the gown stayed pristine! It’s simply amazing to imagine all the hard work that went into this absolutely beauty, but oh my, it sure paid off!

The dress was praised by fellow designers, with many in the fashion world describing it as a classic and timeless style. Antonio Marras of Kenzo commented that: “McQueen was a brilliant choice. The choice of the label and the style of the dress was a very clever mix between edgy fashion and tradition, all in a very British way. You could see references to Grace Kelly or Queen Elizabeth's dresses, but in a simpler, more modern way. I loved her hair down. It looked perfectly natural and noble. Truly royal." Donatella Versace hailed the dress as “beautiful",  and Karl Lagerfeld conceded that it was "elegant" and "very pretty", and Christian Lacroix exclaimed  that, "she’s radiant…she never was so beautiful". Indeed!

St James's Palace said Kate chose McQueen because of the "beauty of its craftsmanship" and "respect for traditional workmanship and technical construction". Whilst also adding that, "she had a vision in mind that she wanted to support the Arts and Crafts tradition," a spokesman for the palace said. I absolutely love that she’s used her history of art degree to help her design the dress of her dreams, and also that it has such meaning and character to it. I’m hugely passionate for the arts and crafts movement, and this is such a big day for British fashion.

You can really see the amazing train detail in this photo. Simple, elegant and stunning.

The dress is so timeless, but has a particular fifties feel to it. Many have said how the intricate lace appliqué bodice and sleeves of Catherine's dress mirror those on the wedding gown of Grace Kelly, who became Princess Grace of Monaco when she married Ranier III, Prince of Monaco, in 1956. The similarities are apparent, and what a perfect inspiration.


Lucky Kate wore the same diamond tiara given to the Queen on her 18th birthday by the Queen Mother. It perfectly complemented Kate’s hair, which was styled in a half-chignon, showing off  those beautiful diamond earrings given to her by by her parents.

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Kate's second Sarah Burton outfit for the evening celebrations was a strapless white satin gazar evening gown with a circle skirt and diamante embroidered detail round the waist, complete with what looks like a gorgeously snug white angora cardigan.

Apparently Kate did her own make up, and a few have criticised her for this. For me, she did an amazing job! Make up is such a personal thing, and just because she may not have done it like a true professional, she has the right to decide exactly how she wants to look. I think it was a lovely choice to be honest, and let’s face it, she looked flawless!

So what do you make of THE dress? I am longing to hear your thoughts! It’s all about the dress, girlies! Everyone else I know was getting so teary, and I just couldn’t stop talking about the fashion! I am so un-wedding like! hehe. If you want to know more, find out from Sarah Burton herself here.



  1. Great post, I enjoyed reading it - so much thought must have gone into everything little detail!

  2. I thought she looked stunning. The dress was lovely. Pippa's too!

  3. i think the dress was amazing too! & the make up was lovely, just did a post on it. Can't wait to see the high street replicas of the dress :)x

  4. I think the dress was beautiful she looked stunning!

  5. The dress was everything I expected it to be, beautiful and elegant but not too over the top. I was a little surprised that Pippa wore white too but her dress was gorgeous too. I love that she did her own make up too, she looked stunning :)

  6. I liked Kate's dress but Grace Kelly's dress was the bomb! :)

    The Cat Hag

  7. Loved the dress. Fashion heaven. x

  8. her dress is beautiful.
    lovely blog.


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