REVIEW: Collection 2000 Skyscraper Mascara


I know sorry girlies, no outfit photos today, you can blame the April showers for that! And I was really in a blogging mood today too, so I had a little look for photos I have taken but have never done a post on, and this new Collection 2000 mascara was one of them.

When it comes to mascara I chop and change all the time but I tend to only use one at a time, because you know it’s not good to use a million mascaras in one go because after 3 months they tend to be a bit yuck and can possibly irritate your eyes. I purchased this one on a bit of a whim because at the time I had just finished my 17 Photo Lash mascara, which I wasn’t really impressed with, and as this was being talked about a lot, and the display was quite enticing, I decided to give it a go! And full marks for the gorgeous sleek packaging, it’s definitely very skyscraper esque!



I decided to get the Ultra Black shade because when you’re as fair as me, having dark luscious lashes is a real contrast. To be honest I didn’t find the Ultra Black that black, so it makes me wonder just how black the Black shade is (does that even make sense?).

Anyway here is what Collection 2000 promise:

- New super-lengthening, clump-free formula
- The longer bristles on the brush coat your lashes from root to tip to deliver sky-high length.
- The short bristles coat even the cutest of lashes and builds volume from the roots to give precise definition.

Here is the brush with the two bristle sides. I like the idea of this a lot actually, and it was quite easy to use.


But with all that said, when it has been applied, it doesn’t really show much, if any of the claims. Now when I look in the mirror I actually think it looks quite good, but in the photos, it just doesn’t look that amazing. I mean, okay it doesn’t help that my eyebrows desperately need tinting, that my eyeliner is fading from a long day, and the fact my camera battery was running low (phew!) BUT yeah it just doesn’t look that amazing.

001 (2)


It does lengthen a bit, and it does go on nicely but I just don’t see much else. I didn’t dislike this mascara at all, but I wouldn’t buy it again, and I think I’m probably going to go back to No.7 now for mascaras as for me they are some of the best you can get on the high-street. I am however intrigued to try Collection 2000’s Big Fake False Lash mascara. Have any of you tried that? Please let me know your thoughts on either of these mascaras, or in general, your favourite mascara?

For more information on this mascara click here and check out the the little video above.



  1. My favourite mascara is that maybelline purple one "Maybelline Falsies Mascara" or it was until it disappeared from my bathroom..
    Do you tint your eyebrows then? What do you use? I was thinking of doing mine :)

  2. I am currently using this just now too i like it but have had better. I am personally not buying any more collectio 2000 mascaras again. I have bought 3 in the last 6 months and all 3 have be dried and unusable


  3. You want to try max factor masterpiece max and it's £5.33 in telco at the moment. It's fab. Plus another fave of mine is the new max factor false lash effect fusion. Brush looks weird but it's really good. I love mascara too an I'm always tempted by new ones that come out!!

    Beth x

  4. I nearly bought Skyscraper but decided against it. I love Big Fake Lash for amazing, long, voluminous black lashes but the formula is a let down because when it dries it flakes, gives panda eyes and I've found it starts drying out after the first use. It still works but it takes more effort to get the look I want to achieve. If they improved the formula I'd repurchase :) My current favourite is No 7 Exquisite Curl Mascara xxx

  5. @ Hayley- Yeah I tint my eyebrows a dark auburn similar to my hair colour. My friend is a beautician so I don't know what she uses I'm afraid, but I think you can buy kits in Superdrug?

    @ Lil Miss Giggles- Yes exactly the same for me, they dry up so quickly!

    @ Beth- Oh I LOVED the Max Factor one but then found out they tested on animals :(. Meh. I'm always tempted by new mascara launches too!

    @ Kim- Interesting how you also think they are dry. I'm finding this with a lot of drugstore mascaras. I think I'm going to check out the new Curl Equisite by No.7 then, thank you :).


  6. Really?! Didn't know they tested on animals. That's a shame as they are the best!! Benefit bad girl lash is also great and apparently they don't test on animals.

  7. @ Beth- they do yes, practically everyone does, it sucks. I rememebered I actually really liked Bad Gal, and no, I don't think Benefit test on animals so yay! :).



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