Hopping Good Easter Wrap…


The title has totally been inspired from LUSH, as I’m not that creative with words! And I mention LUSH because today I want to show you all the most adorable new knot wrap design you can get now from LUSH which is this cute little bunny. Oh he is such a little darling, and of course bunny+me= odd obsession, I know you already know that! But isn’t he a sweety? He has little pink ears, a little heart nose and a carrot!


I did a post about a year ago now (Oh. My. Goodness, can’t believe this!) all about LUSH’s Knot Wrap programme, which you can check out here. I absolutely love them, and what’s more, you can get this cute little bunny design especially for Easter time, with a Snow Fairy scented egg shaped ballistic, the infamous Fluffy Egg.


This ballistic is amazing. The scent always lasts on my skin for ages, which for my dry skin, is pretty impressive, and the smell is pure sweet goodness!

So that’s pretty much all I wanted to say, so I’m sorry this post is so short and sweet, I just really wanted you all to see how lovely the Knot Wraps are from LUSH, because I don’t hear many talk about them. I use them for shopping over plastic bags any day. Or, you can wear them in with your outfits, they really are very versatile. If you’ve used them before, let me know, and if not, would you consider wrapping up gifts etc. in these sweet designs?



  1. Aw it's so cute! I saw the Egg in Lush today - didn't see the bunny though!

  2. that's amazing, I neeeeeed it! x

  3. How adorable! I must remember to look out for these happy bunnies! :) x

  4. Aww this is too cute, might have to check it out in my local lush! x

  5. Yay I love easter and I love lush even more! Double whammy xx :o)


  6. As soon as i saw the Lush Easter items in their catalog i had a tiny heart attack. Everything is SO cute.


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