Happy Easter Everyone!



Happy Easter everyone, and if you don’t celebrate, I hope you’re having a lovely long weekend! I know it’s a bit late but this Easter weekend has been a strange one. I’m not one for bringing real life to my blog, but basically my grandmother is in hospital at the moment as she had to have an operation on Wednesday. It’s been a tough few days but things are slowly getting better. As well as that, I am still battling with said essays that I have been moaning about for weeks! I am longing for a bit of relaxation but I must continue to plod along! Anyway I am using this post as an opportunity to let you know why I have been slightly slack on the blog front. Thank you for all the lovely Tweets and emails you have sent me, it really does mean such a lot to me, I simply cannot express how much to be honest.

I think that’s all I had to say for this post, so I’ll let you just awww at the cute Easter egg I got. I adore the Lindt bunny, I even have a soft toy that I got from Waitrose! You all know I have a weird, very strange affection for bunnies! This is exactly the little soft toy I have, I know, sad, but I have it! And this evening when I was driving back from the hospital, there were literally five bunnies sat eating the grass in the car park and they were the cutest little things. Made me feel very Eastery!

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Anyway I’m going to finish watching the L.S Lowry documentary on ITV 1 presented by Sir Ian McKellen. I’m really enjoying it. I studied Lowry’s art quite extensively at school and I love his work.

Image Source

One of my favourites Lowry paintings for good measure! And here ends the random post!



  1. Aww, I love Lindt bunnies too, they're so sweet! I used to get one for Easter when I was younger bbut could never bring myself to eat them - poor bunnies! Hehe

  2. Aww lovely little post :) Hope you had a lovely Easter and that you're a little more chilled now! Know how you feel about the essay's and as a fellow worrier you wonder when you'll ever be stress free.You will be though :) "on a home run" as my Mum would say!! :) x

  3. aww I love those Lindt bunnies so yummy!! Glad things are getting a little better for you hunni! Hope you have a lovely easter Monday :) xxx


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