Favourites: April 2011

It’s the end of April you guys, the end of April! I mean just how fast is 2011 going? I honestly don’t know where it’s going. The month of May, well the start of, will be really busy, as like most Uni students it’s a time for exams and essay deadlines. So I may not be posting quite so regularly after this post as I need to finish up four pretty big assignments.


1. MAC ‘Sakura’ Quite Cute Mineralize Blush

MAC recently released the ‘Quite Collection’ which is as you may have guessed, is a collection full of cuteness and based on the Japanese Kawaii fashion. Now even though it’s the kind of collection I would get quite a few things from I actually kind of glossed over it for a while. I have, however always had my eye set on this gorgeous little blush, ‘Sakura’, but was a little put off at the £18 price. However I noticed how gorgeous the swatches were by the lovely Vanity Fashionista, and she kind of convinced me on Twitter to get it, so I did! I’m now very glad I got it because it’s a gorgeous perfect pinky blush, and I love the little heart!


2. LUSH ‘Rockstar’ Soap

Apologise for the fuzzy photo, I didn’t realise until I uploaded it on here! Anyway it doesn’t make it less of a favourite. I absolutely adore this little piece of sweet smelling goodness. If you like Snow Fairy, LUSH’s infamous bubblegum esque scent, or even just vanillary, sweety scents then you will adore this soap I am sure of it. I have been using Rockstar for five years, probably even more, I can’t remember when it was realised. If you happen to be lucky enough to step by LUSH when they have a fresh delivery of this, you will see it actually has little stars all over it. I used to always cut myself a little chunk with stars on when I worked there!


3. Soap & Glory Feel Good Factor™ SPF25 Facial Moisture Lotion

I’ve literally just reviewed this product, so if you want to know the lowdown then you can click here, but basically my skin has fallen in love with it! For those of you who hate wearing SPF because it makes your skin look white, greasy or heavy then you seriously need to try this. I just love it! If only they did a higher SPF, that would literally save my skin!


3. Urban Decay 24/7 ‘Lucky’ Glide- on Eye Pencil

A few years ago I purchased the mini 24/7 Urban Decay eye pencils, and I think I may have reviewed them actually. I will go have a looksie and edit in the link if so (found it!), but anyway, this post I’m just giving a special shout out to the shade ‘Lucky’, a gorgeous bronzy dark gold. Think the shade of a 2 penny coin and it’s kind of that. These pencils are amazing if you’re find liquid a bit scary, or don’t want to mess around with gel liners and get a brush. On lazy make up days I pretty much wear this as my eyeliner with a neutral eye and it’s gorgeous. Recently I’ve been loving it with the Sleek peach palette. It compliments the colours in there beautifully. I think I may need to get a full size soon! Apologies it looks so yucky in the photo!


4. Miss Selfridge Royal Blue Bow Jelly Shoes

I am a kid of the 90s and I love jelly shoes! Oh yes I do! I blogged about finding a pair exactly like this last year in Miss Selfridge, except they were clear with little glitter bits in, and to be honest much prettier but they were some of the most comfiest shoes I have ever owned, so when I saw them again this year, I had to get a pair! I wear a lot of blue so figured these would go with a lot of things. If you want some for yourself click here.


5. New Look Generation 915 Brogue Shoes

Aren’t these adorable, and yes, more shoes! These are would you believe actually from the kid’s range at New Look but I like them because they are a little more cutesy than the normal New Look version of the shoes, and they suit my style better. Anyway, a random favourite, but I really like them, and it’s SO unlike me to get flat shoes and enjoy them. I literally live in heels.


6. MAC ‘She Loves Candy’ Hello Kitty Collection Lipgloss

I think I’ve mentioned this product before but it deserves another mention because I love it! I actually got this product back in 2009 when the Hello Kitty was released and although the writing has pretty much rubbed off, it still has the Hello Kitty on it! It’s a gorgeous perfect shimmery baby pink shade and I love wearing it in Spring when I don’t quite want to wear a coral or something. I’m actually shocked I haven’t used it all up yet, but I tend to use my LE MAC stuff very sparingly, and I always use another applicator to give it longevity. A pretty good tip if you fancy doing the same yourself, by the way!


7. Good Things Total Wipe Out Cleansing Wipes

If you haven’t checked out the Good Things range in Boots yet I highly suggest you do, as I’ve really fallen for their products. Unfortunately I don’t think you can get this products outside of the UK. They are made by a beauty editor and what I love more than anything is that they are packed full of literally ‘good things’ that the skin and environment love. No mineral oils, no parabens and no sulphates. Such a dream to find in products! These are probably the most natural face wipes I have ever found and I love that they are also biodegradable. I would obviously not like to use face wipes, but I find it’s the only way to completely get rid of all my make up effectively. These smell amazing and leave skin feeling amazingly soft, not dry, and the wipes are lovely and moist. Remember to always store them upside down and you can’t go wrong!


8. Russian Doll Wire Headband

If you read my blog regularly you will know that I have been crafting away, making wire headbands for a long, long time now. I blogged just the other day with some of the finished designs and this is another one I have made. This little pink Russian doll pretty is one I made for myself because you all know how I adore Russian Dolls! I’m hoping for a release at the end of May, if not sooner, so keep your eyes peeled on my shop.


9. Russian Doll Lip balm

Bwahahaha, more Russian Doll favourites? Oh yes! I think I have a exhausted every possible thing with Russian Dolls! I actually only got this today so technically I’ve only been loving it for a bit of April! The only thing I hate is that it has mineral oil in, so I am actually in the process of making a natural lip balm to replace it with. I can do a tutorial on this if you want, let me know.


10. Royal Perfume Queen Cleopatra Perfume

This month my Mum and Dad went to Egypt and of course what better souvenir could they bring me back than a gorgeous Egyptian perfume. They were fortunate enough to visit a perfume factory and they were amazed at how big the Egyptian perfume market is. You could literally take your fancy from any of the 100% essential oils or by ready made ones such as the one they got me, named after the most celebrated Egyptian beauties of all time, Cleopatra. Apparently Egypt make up the perfumes for a lot of the big names you see on the high street and apparently this Cleopatra one of these famous brands. I can’t quite establish what it is, but I’m pretty sure it’s Dior. The scent lasts all day and I’m going to put some into a little spray bottle and carry it around with me. Absolutely love it, and I’m so lucky to have this little beauty! Check out their Facebook page here.

So that’s what I’ve been loving in April. So how about you lovely lot? Link me to your posts, or let me know below per usual :).



  1. Great favourites! I adore your jelly shoes, and I may just pick up lush rockstar soap today :D xxx

  2. Oooh some great favourites that we definately have in common! Lots of girlieness, love it xx :o)

  3. Great favourites!

    I love Lush Rockstar it's definitely one of my favourite soaps! :)

    So gutted I missed out on the Helly Kitty MAC collection! I can just hope they do another one some time!


  4. I love those white brogues, they are so cute :)

  5. Cute jellies. They used to always give me blisters. I also love LUSH :)

  6. So excited for the wire hairbands!
    I love Rockstar soap too.. I think it was the first thing I bought from Lush!

  7. Great picks! Quite Cute and Soap n Glory are both on my wishlist. Loving your blog. I put a link to it on MY blog so i can find you quicker haha :) xoxo

  8. Jelly shoes, soo cute! I used to live in a pair of bright yellow jellies when I was little :D I love Rockstar soap too, it smells good enough to eat...I don't, but if I could I would :P xxx

  9. I always love your favourites! Those jelly shoes are adorable and such a beautiful colour! xo


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