Buy soap and help Japan!


The earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on 11th March 2011 and subsequent Japanese nuclear crisis has been truly devastating, and watching the news report each day is truly heart-breaking. I have always adored Japanese fashion, art and overall culture, and thus have many friends who lived around the areas affected, who are all thankfully okay, but there are so many that have lost everything.

Japan desperately needs our help right now, and it is so wonderful to see so many companies and businesses doing everything they can do to support the relief effort. Such company is LUSH, which has always been a huge phenomenon in Japan, with 145 shops and a factory with 1,600 staff, this is something very personal to them. Like so many of the Japanese people, so many of their staff and their families have lost everything. The LUSH Japan team saw the amazing work being done by a charity called Peace Boat, who are organising teams of volunteers, transporting aid goods and cooking hot meals in the disaster zone, which inspired LUSH UK to release this limited edition soap, shaped like the country’s flag. It is scented with the stunning ‘I Should Coco’ scent, one of my favourite LUSH scents of all time. For £5 every single penny (excluding the VAT) will go straight to Peace Boat to help the relief efforts out there.

So if you’re next walking past LUSH, please get yourself one of these soaps, and you could really make such a difference. Pray for Japan.


Please click here for more information.



  1. Bought mine last week, such a good cause and so lovely and coconutty!xxx

  2. Yay! So glad you agree. Best LUSH scent ever.


  3. Definitely picking some of this up on Thursday if I end up going to Westfield, such a great cause and I'm in love with coconut scents at the moment. xo

  4. OMG that is actual a really cute soap as well, all the better that all the money goes to a great cause. I think a lot of people have already moved on from Japan which is so sad, they still need a heap of help. Thanks for sharing well try and get one (if there's any left) next time I'm in Lush xx


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