Yumi Spring/ Summer 2011 Wishlist

It’s no secret that I literally adore Yumi. It’s pretty much my whole style in one single shop and I love that. Well I do and I don’t because when I go in their store, or go online I literally want eveeeerything, which is pretty much the point to this post! Over the last few weeks they have just released their Spring/Summer collection. I don’t normally dig Spring and Summer fashion, but this is so different to me. With an array of gorgeous dresses in the cutest prints it makes me literally want it all! I have however managed to narrow down my wishlist down to the following.
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YN009 Yumi Hallie Floral Sun Dress- £39.99

QM458 Uttam Boutique Glenda Panel Sun Dress- £49.99

YN001 Yumi Celina Sun Dress- £39.99

Y692 Yumi Gessica Floral Lace Dress- £48.00

Y725 Yumi Marina Butterfly Print Dress-£44.99

Y721 Yumi Lavinia Spot Tea Dress- £39.99

YP002 Yumi Adrienne Butterfly Silk Dress- £59.99

NS033 Uttam Boutique Cailin Dress- £44.99

YN007 Yumi Dove Spotty Dress- £39.99

Y639 Yumi Isabella Butterfly Maxi Dress- £39.99

YT022 Yumi Vintage High-Waist Spotty Shorts- £34.99

What do you think? Have you heard of Yumi? I would love to hear your thoughts on their new collection, and if you’re excited to break into this seasons pretties!
To find out all about Yumi, and to shop, click here ♥.


  1. I had never heard of that brand before! I love the butterfly maxi dress! Really want it... x

  2. I love Yumi dresses I like all those you have posted.

    I am not sure where you live but they have Yumi outlet in Clarks Village in Somerset where the dresses are mainly £20.00 or under.

    They also have mega cheap bags and jewellery there.

  3. OMG why have i never heard of these before! Going to check them out straight away! Love your blog btw, just discovered it xx :o)


  4. @ Lucie.lovely.cupcake- Oh my Mum wants it too! It's stunning.

    @ The Brunette- Oh yes I have! I got Street about once a year and last time I went it was just about to open, so I need to go back now it's there. I think it was going to open like a week after I went! Have you picked up a lot of pretties?

    @ Lulu B- Awww thank you sweety. Hope you enjoy the site, so many pretties!



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