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Style Guide Disclaimer: I will feature many cities/towns in Style Guide, but please note that I do not live in every place mentioned. Thus, I cannot account that at time of ‘going to press’ (how else can I phrase this?! haha) that the information present will always be 100% correct. Shops come and go, so please do not use these posts as a definitive guide as I would hate for anyone to be disappointed because you have not been able to find said shop/place etc. The information listed is merely suggestive and if you do happen to think I’ve missed something out, then I would absolutely love to know. Feel free to comment and I can edit it in. If you’ve actually read this, I thank you, and now please enjoy the post!
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Back in February I started my ‘Style Guide’ feature (although if you can think of a better name for a series, please do let me know!), which will basically be a post dedicated to a particular place/city/town etc. all over the world, although I’m sticking with the UK at the moment! I’m so pleased you all liked my first feature on Brighton, and it was suggested on Twitter that I stick with the Bs, and I then got a lot of requests for Birmingham and Bristol. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of Birmingham really, so Bristol it is!
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Bristol, home to a world-renowned University, Clifton Suspension bridge and a magnificent Cathedral is a large, modern, cosmopolitan city which forms the gateway to the South West of England. It makes a perfect visit at any time of the year, offering a lively cafe, bar and restaurant culture and is nationally and internationally acclaimed for its arts and cultural excellence. It’s also home to world-class attractions, museums, galleries, parks and open spaces, attractive architecture and historic buildings and internationally recognised festivals such as St Paul’s Carnival, Bristol Harbour Festival and the Balloon Fiesta.
Being the UK's 8th most populous city, and the very fact it is such a diverse, cosmopolitan city also makes it an incredible shopping destination. It’s a different type of shopping experience to Brighton, but it’s certainly got many a hidden gem, you’ve just got to get your walking shoes on and get exploring. I’m hoping this guide makes it a little easier! I haven’t found a shopping map on the internet like I found for Brighton, so I’m just going to divide up all the areas.
Queens Road and Park Street
Best for: Jewellery, cute and vintage fashion, and gifts.
Oh Park Street, and Queens Road, my favourite area of Bristol by far, and you will soon see why! Park Street and Queens Road is one of Bristol's most popular shopping streets, which is home to hoards of University students and posh Business types, as the Wills Memorial building and other main buildings reside in this beautiful Georgian setting. Expect to see an array of seriously fashionable students, as I swear Bristol students have the best fashion sense ever!  Particularly known and good for independent clothes stores, such as vintage finds, independent music shops, boutique style fashion, jewellery and gifts, and arts and crafts. And you want to know why I really love this part so much? Because this is where Yumi live! And it really is the cutest Yumi store ever, as it’s design is little a little whimsical cave, I adore it! The lovely JOY are then only a few stops down, which is also a must visit. You can find both these stores in Queens Road, which then meanders down to Park Street which I’ll now discuss.
If you find the art gallery and Will’s memorial building, you will then find Park Street which sits on a huuuuge hill! This is where most of the shopping in this area is, and if you continue down this road the whole way, you’ll eventually reach the Cathedral. There’s a mix of high-street known brands, and then some quirky find too. For example, some of the well-known brands are Cath Kidston and The Body Shop. Then for something a bit different, you’re spoilt for choice! The Boot Room is a beautiful shop which sells shoes, boots, gifts and cards, to name but a few. There’s also a vintage section at the back of the shop, and I adore the Russian doll finds you can get here! Then there’s Motel, a store I know lots of you love, which is so amazing. Here you’ll find a mixture of Motel designs, mixed with vintage bits. The shop is so cute and colourful, and the staff are super friendly. Then BS8, an amazing urban store, which is a surprisingly large shop spread over three floors and covering every style from graphic t-shirts and hoodies, cute lace dresses to kitsch wrapping paper and novelty jewellery and gifts. Some of the quirky delights for sale include Lego brick earrings, Marmite sandwich holder, Jammy Dodger necklaces and Where’s Wally mugs! Finally, when you’re exhausted from everything this area has to offer, there’s a huge variety of coffee shops and restaurants, including Nandos, of course! My personal favourites? Swinky’s for a one-of-a-kind cupcake and sweet experience as a cheeky afternoon treat, and then Brown’s for an incredible meal.
JOY, 70-78 Queen's Road, Bristol BS8 1QU, 0117 929 8613, Website
Yumi, 68 Queen's Rd Clifton, Bristol, Avon BS8 1QU, 0117 929 8664, Website
Cath Kidston, 79 Park Street, Bristol, BS1 5PF, 0117 930 4722, Website
BS8 34 Park Street, Bristol, United Kingdom, BS1 5JG, 01179 304836, Facebook Page
The Clothing Federation, 56 Park St Bristol, Avon BS1 5JN, 0117 929 9889
The Boot Room, 22 Park St Bristol, BS1 5JA, 0117 922 5455, Facebook Page
Motel, 24 Park St, Bristol, BS1 5JA, 0117 934 9173, Website
Swinky’s Sweets, 20 Park Street, Bristol BS1 5JA, 0117 929 7512, Website
Brown’s Restaurant, 38 Queen's Rd, Clifton, Bristol, Avon BS8 1RE, 0117 930 4777, Website
Clifton Village
Best for: Antiques, jewellery, fashion, chocolates and gifts.
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Just a few minutes walk from Queens Road and Park Street resides arguably one the most beautiful shopping quarters in Bristol. Here you can stroll amongst wonderful Georgian architecture and take your pick from any one of the many up-market independent shops and boutiques selling jewellery, art, gifts, furniture, fashion good food and more. Clifton Village is the place to come for great shopping, beautiful gifts and interesting shops with old-fashioned service, with the Clifton Suspension Bridge just a short walk away. My top pick in this gorgeous area is ‘I Love Crafty’, which I absolutely adore. It sells local arts and crafts and if you love cute things like me, then you will fall in love with this little place. Simply adorable. There’s so many shops in this area, and I’m afraid I haven’t got many photos, but if you wander through the streets you’ll find little gems on every corner.
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I Love Crafty, Clifton Arcade, Bristol, BS8 4AA 07791315873, Website
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About Face, 22 Princess Victoria St, Bristol, Avon,  0117 923 7405
St. Nicholas Market
Best for: Exotic food and drink, flowers, unique arts and crafts, funky fabrics.

Established in 1743 St Nicholas Market is the oldest and best loved market in Bristol. The vibrant and bustling market place can be found in the heart of the old city, which is full of fantastic examples of Georgian Architecture and is only a short walk from the city centre.Its historical architecture, fantastic stalls bursting with a wide variety of goods and food items, its quirky ambience combine to make the perfect place to shop, eat and enjoy. With over 50 stalls this market is a must see for any visitor to the city.

St. Nicholas Market, 58 Corn Street, Bristol, BS1 1JG, 0117 922 4014.
Gloucester Road
Best for: Bohemian fashion, food and drink, alternative music and urban clothing.

If you’re feeling super adventurous, then an alternative shopping destination worth checking out is Gloucester Road, which is just north of the city centre. It’s popular with locals and visitors alike, due to this street's incredible range of unique and quirky independent stores, which includes small record shops, second hand and retro clothing stores and distinctive cafes and bars. I highly recommend checking out Pink Lemons, a cute little haven of fashion as cute and quirky clothes, which also has a sister shop in Bath. It kind of sticks out in this little road, and it’s really in a league of its own in the  style stakes. It stocks cool Danish label Numph, and then more well-known brands such as French Connection, Motel and Great Plains, and also a nice choice of sparkly costume jewellery. Otherwise, there’s a few vintage shops along this road, which is always worth a rummage!

Pink Lemons, 41, Gloucester Rd, Bishopston, Bristol, Avon BS7 8AD, 0117 942 2103, Website
Broadmead and Cabot Circus
Best for: Highstreet Fashion, Big named brands
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As perhaps assumed, the selection of national stores in the city centre are pretty amazing. Broadmead includes LUSH, Miss Selfridge, Superdrug, Boots, Fabric Land, Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, Bhs as well as the UK’s second largest Primark, and trust me, this is worth visiting alone. Blogging beauty Zoe was sure right when she raved about this place, and in my opinion, you have to go to a huge, fantastically laid out store to get a good Primark experience. Then of course the newly built Cabot Circus, which is a gigantic three-tiered shopping and leisure centre, which provides city centre visitors with over 120 shops including 15 major flagship stores and signature stores including Harvey Nichols and House of Fraser. Other popular names you might expect on the high street, including Zara, All Saints, New Look, River Island, Topshop and many more can also be found here.
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Harvey Nichols, Bristol BS1 3BZ, 0117 916 8898, Website
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Primark, 1-27 The Horsefair, Bristol BS1 3BB, 0117 922 5657, Website
So I think that’s me all shopped out, I don’t know about you! I’m sorry these posts are quite photo and word heavy, but there’s just so much to cover. So are there any Bristolians reading this? What do you think, have I missed something out? If so, let me know in the comments and I can always edit things in. Bristol is a really fun city, and if you’re going for longer than a day, I would recommend checking out the smaller, unique shops, but that’s just me. Whatever you do, go to Yumi, and Park Street, trust me, you’ll thank me!
So where shall I go next? Leave me your requests below. I have photos of quite a lot of photos of places I go to, and shops I visit. It’s embarrassing taking photos of shops, and gets totally weird looks, but it’s worth it when you can collate the information and remember them for reference purposes!


  1. Great Post , I know exactly where im going when I next go for my shopping trip! Looks like there are so many places to break the bank balance xx :o)

  2. This post is great, it has completely changed my opinion of Bristol. I went for the first time about 4 years ago and wasn't overly impressed with it and felt no desire to go back. But now, after reading this, I feel I just didn't go to the right places and should maybe give it another chance :)

  3. OMG I live in Bristol and I did not realise they had a Yumi in Clifton, going to have to go there thanks for that xx

  4. i love bristol, its the main city near me and broadmead and cabot are amazing! the best primark too! xxx

  5. Pink Lemons is one of my favourite shops in Bristol, I want everything in there!
    Love Swinky Sweets as well, best cupcake shop in town.

  6. My cousins live in Bristol but i hardly ever go there...time for a family reunion? I think so!
    Swinkys looks incredible, and i've never been in a non-concessional cath kidston before, looks larvly :) x

  7. @ Lulu B- Oh there sure is! It's a great city for shopping.

    @ Sadie K- I totally get you. I never really 'got' Bristol when I first went, but if you venture out of the main city centre it's really pretty actually.

    @ The Brunette- Yes, yes there's a Yumi, you must go! Best shop ever, ever, ever!

    @ Chloe- Oh tell me about it, that Primark is huuuuge!

    @ Hayles- Yeah I love Pink Lemons! Oh and yes, Swinkys= love! They have Creme Egg Cupcakes at the moment. Yum!

    @ ellieand- Yes Swinkys and Cath Kidston are must visits! In fact you could easily spend the day just in this area!


  8. I used to live in Bristol and this post has REALLY made me want to go back!!! I used to live just round the corner from Browns! :) It looks like lots of great new shops have moved in since I left...can't wait to go back for a visit soon!: )

  9. @ Ms. Wedgie- You lived round the corner from Browns? Oh my goodness if that was me I would literally live in there, the food is so good!


  10. Great post! Think you pretty much covered it all - you left out Cribbs Causeway, but that's only ever worth a trip if it's raining and you want a bland, soleless shopping experience! xx

    1. Ahhh you are the expert, but yeah, think I'll stick to Park St ;) xoxo

  11. Love the Post! Do you have more style guides for more cities??

    1. Hi Joseph! Yes, I will be doing more :) xoxo


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