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I have the fairest skin shade you could imagine, and you know what? I love it. But you know what I don’t love? The fact that companies seem to think that us pale skinned pretties don’t exist, but we do! A few years ago now Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts became a voice for all us porcelain beauties everywhere and created a make up range with shades literally start with white. I am a huge, huge fan of this range, and am still using shades she originally created. Since then, she has re-launched the range, with new formulas, and more types of make up products.

It was only until just the other day that I went to buy something from her re-launched range. I desperately want the foundation, but I am still using up my old Dainty Doll ones, but as I had run out of my normal concealer, I decided to try the Dainty Doll one. I ended up getting shade 001 It’s a Kind Of Magic, which is the fairest they do. Oh and the lovely lady at the counter gave me a signed photo card from Nicola Roberts herself! I felt like such a fan girl, hehe.





The packaging is classy, gorgeous and so perfectly epitomises what this make up range was created and intended for. The concealer is like a pen design, and the only thing I hate is how you click and click and nothing comes out until suddenly…a mass of product! But that’s the only thing I don’t like.



But now for some swatches, and I decided to pair it against MAC’s NW15 as I know a lot of you are familiar with MAC shades. The Dainty Doll is on the left, and MAC’s NW15 is on the right.


Just look at the difference, the MAC shade looks so yellow! The Dainty Doll shade is perfect for me. If anything it’s a teeny tiny too light, but that’s perfect, because it illuminates under the eye area and for once actually blends in. The only thing I would say is that it dries very quickly, so be quick to blend it in to the skin.

If you struggle to find foundation pale enough for your skin than you MUST check out Dainty Doll. I’ve never been one to very much foundation, and because I haven’t been able to find shades to match, I’ve tried to deal with my skin issues so that I don’t need foundation. However just sometimes foundation can make you feel so much more confident, and finally I can now wear it with pride, hoorah!

If you want to check out my original Dainty Doll review then you can click here and if you want I can do more posts on make up for pale skin. Let me know what works for you, and if you’re tried Dainty Doll! ♥



  1. i love the packaging of these products! xx

  2. This would be perfect for my pale skin! I just wish the range was a little cheaper.

  3. I love the packaging of the Dainty Doll range. I don;t have plae skin but I still covet some of the items! x

  4. I've used some of the old formula of these and was so pleased to find a foundation in my perfect shade, but i didn't like the formula much. I must remember to try the new stuff :)

  5. @ Chloe- I know it's so cute!

    @ Cherries In The Snow- yeah the price is a little much, I actually forgot to mention them so thank you for reminding me! ASOS does it the cheapest I've seen.

    @ *Zoe*- definitely! They do lipsticks and gorgeous blushers so there's something for everyone. I remember Nicola saying that Kimberly and Cheryl use things from the range too, and they're tanned beauties!


  6. PLEASE do more posts on pale skin, i'm uber pale and would love to see what is out there.
    I didn't know you could get Dainty Doll at counters - where are they please?? xx

  7. Wow this actually looks pale enough for me! :) Do you know if the brand tests on animals? xo

  8. the packaging of these is just soo classy, it makes me wanna be pale, my freckles are the only thing in my way lol!

  9. Nice review! I have so many yellow concealers that are the palest I could find, but they are still way off! I really must try this it looks great! :)

  10. Great review. I loved the old range but have yet to try anything from her newer one. I adore the packaging too! I am pretty pale and find even the lightest shades of most brands are way off the mark and require much blending... Need to get me some more Dainty Doll!

    Rebecca x (

  11. brilliant review! i just got this today and for the life of me couldn't get any product out of the pen, so i googled it and found your blog and what do you know, a huge blob came out all at once haha.x

  12. You can get quite a few bits of Dainty Doll on fragrance direct for £1.99!x

  13. You can get quite a few bits of Dainty Doll on fragrance direct for £1.99!x


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