Pray For Japan

Like so many of you reading this now, I have been keeping Japan in my thoughts and prayers after the devastating 8.9 earthquake and requisite tsunamis that struck on March 11th 2011. What is happening out there is absolutely heart-breaking and really puts everything into perspective.

The beauty community we are all apart of today is vast and compassionate in our interests that we all share, but if we all donated just a small amount, like what we’d spend on a nail varnish or whatever, then it could truly make the world of difference to the people of Japan who have lost everything. Over the last few days I have heard of various ways to donate but I heard this from the lovely Steph at Topshop Princess, who just posted earlier that Eyeko are involving Ambassadors to help Japan. I only just realised today that Eyeko means ‘love’, which is so apt in this cause. As a result, Eyeko will donate on all the Ambassadors behalf to the Japanese Earthquake Relief by matching all commissions made this week. I am an Eyeko ambassador but I don’t really mention it much, but I think this is a really wonderful thing Eyeko is doing.

So if you see on any blogs a code, use it and you’ll be helping so much with the relief fund. Please do not feel you have to use my code, I’m really not wanting to see this as splashing my code around at all. Please use whatever code you want, on any blog you see. The point is, it’s a great way to donate. Having said that, if you do want a code to use, it is below:


Alternatively I have found a few other ways to help.

Lady Gaga has designed a bracelet, a white rubber band, featuring her trademark monster’s claw and the slogan We Pray For Japan, which is written in both English and Japanese.

An announcement on her official website read: "Lady GaGa designed a We Pray For Japan prayer bracelet, buy yours now for $5 in the web store and all proceeds go to Japan tsunami relief." She urged her 8.7 million Twitter followers to participate: "I Designed a Japan Prayer Bracelet. Buy It/Donate here and ALL proceeds will go to Tsunami Relief Efforts. Go Monsters."

Amazingly, the bracelet has already raised an incredible $250,000 in 48 hours! But this isn’t the first time generous GaGa has done her bit for charity; after the Haiti earthquake she donated over $500,000 to a relief fund. The bracelets are available from 25 March but can be pre-ordered on the her official website for £3. Definitely another fabulous way to donate.

Finally if you go to the Google homepage, underneath the search bar there’s a link that says ‘Resources related to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.’ If you click on the resources link, it will take you to a page where you can donate.

But even if you cannot contribute financially, please keep Japan in your thoughts and prayers. My thoughts, prayers and hearts go out to all those effected by these devastating events.

Do you know of any other places and resources when you can donate or help out in some way? Please leave a comment below so I can see as I’m sure I am missing some vital links.



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