NOTD: MAC Wonder Woman ‘Spirit of Truth’ Nail Polish


So yesterday was the release of the hotly anticipated new Wonder Woman collection from MAC. I always find the March collections the most exciting for MAC, I mean for example, Fafi, Hello Kitty and Heatherette are just a few favourites. This one is no exception, and the idea of taking one of the most exciting feminine figures to date makes for the perfect collection. The packaging is amazing, and yes maybe a little tacky in parts, but it perfectly epitomises the fierce character of Wonder Woman herself. I literally could of get everything from this collection, but somehow resisted and just got this gorgeous nail polish, and Marquise d’ which I adore from a previous release.

I decided to get this nail polish because I thought a) do I really need coloured mascara when Collection 2000 sell them for like £5 b) do I REALLY need another lipgloss? c) I already own a gazillion mineralize skin finishes c) I hate the new pigment packaging, plus the fact you get less and c) I adore navy polishes! So it seemed a no brainer to pick up this gorgeous deep navy creamy blue. It’s the perfect shade for the collection, and I have it on now and really love it to wear. I love wearing navy with my red hair because the clash always makes me happy! I’d definitely recommend this one if you wanted just one thing from the collection, and super yay for a bright red top! Cute! Here’s a little close up, and apologies for crappy ‘you can see the camera lens in the nail’ photos!


But now let’s have a look at the amazingly cool packaging!





Thoughts on this nail polish and the overall collection? I’d love to know! Oh and a Wonder Woman inspired make up look is in the pipeline! ♥



  1. The packaging of this collection is so cute. I managed to keep away from this collection, although I had my eye on the massive MSFs and the blushes. But like you, I don't need any more so I resisted!! :D

    That nail polish is gorgeous though! I have a thing for blue nails at the moment!

  2. That colour is gorgeous! look how glossy it is!! xx

  3. @ Natalie @ BeauMakeup- I know the mineralize skinfinishes looked gorgeous, but to be honest, they weren't the best releases MAC have done. I love blue nails lately too, I always wear navy, so this is perfect for me.

    @ Ash- Yes it's super glossy! Think it's because it's a cream finish.


  4. I love that colour <3
    The packaging's lovely too!

  5. Just want to say Georgie love the layout =]

    Wow the color is gorgeous!! I have stayed away from the collection, as I want it all!! =]


  6. @ JustLikeJasper- Isn't it? So cute.

    @ Hayley- thank you so much lovely!



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