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I totally nicked my post title from the bag, because I suck at creative post title names, and they had so beautifully done it for me! This post comes with a million (no pun intended!) thanks to the lovely Sarah at A Million Dresses who did a recent post on JOY. I have a store quite near me so I’m in there a lot (I know, I know, I shouldn’t be!) but I somehow always bypass the jewellery and head straight for the pretty dresses. But Sarah posted about this adorable little bunny necklace, and we all know by now that I obsessed with the cute little creatures! Only a few posts ago I posted about a new find from AX jewellery, but I have now just purchased one from JOY. Literally an hour ago, so this is my most up to date post ever I think (but I have a lecture in literally 5 minutes so it’ll go up tonight!).



Isn’t it adorable?! It’s actually quite a long necklace, which I wasn’t expecting. To illustrate my point…


And because I have issues, I couldn’t resist another lovely, which ended up being these little lace butterfly earrings.



They’re so pretty and delicate and I love the little diamante detail. Prices on the top of my head were £9 for the necklace and £8 for the butterfly earrings. I managed to nab myself a pretty good student discount deal which took it down to £12 something.

If you want to find out more about JOY then they have a website, but you may want to also check out a store locator if you’re UK based, to see if one of their lovely shops is near you.



  1. I love the pretty dresses at Joy. However, I have noticed Joy stores seem to have a tendency to sell a lot of stuff that DotComGiftShop.com sells but bump the prices up - not cool.
    Regardless of that annoyance, I really love your cute bunny necklace! x

  2. I took a look at the site the other day and there's some lovely bits on there! X

  3. @ Lydia- Really?! No you're right that sucks big time, that's not cool at all :/.

    @ *Zoe*- oh there really are so many pretties :).


  4. that necklace is lovely,never heard of Joy before, thanks for recommending :) xx

  5. such pretty jewelerry!



  6. cute necklace!!!!

    xoxo jenna

  7. <3 your blog!
    just found it its great :)
    izzy x

  8. I love the bunny necklace, it is really cute and the lace butterfly earring are fab, really original :)

  9. @ xXxStundonxXx- you're welcome, hope you love them :).

    @ Daisychains- I know so pretty!

    @ The Petite Blogger- Thank you :).

    @ Ballet News- Aww thank you! :).

    @ Gemx- Definitely! All the pieces are really unique.



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