Favourites: March 2011

Wow, March has literally flown by, but thank goodness for the clocks going forward as those dark evenings were starting to drive me crazy! As this month has gone by so quickly, I think a lot of things overlap from last month, so I’m sorry if I repeat myself! As always, please link me to your posts, or leave your favourites below in the comments. I read every single one of them! But let’s getting talking favourites.


1. Sugababes ‘Tempt’ Fragrance

I definitely mentioned this a while ago, in fact in November, when I won Lipglossiping's giveaway to win one of the Sugababes’ new scents that have recently been released at The Perfume Shop. And I’m still absolutely loving it for spring too. At its heart is purple orchid, sweet rose and berries, with tops notes of iced tea (yes, I know!) and blackcurrant, which meet the base notes of musk and vanilla. Sounds odd but is such a warming fragrance, and yet with a fruity twist. Everyone keeps smelling this and think I smell of sweets, and I’m good with that!


2. Vintage Charm Bracelet

This is quite a random favourite, but it definitely had to get a mention. As some of you know, my Grandpa sadly passed away in August last year. Even now I still struggle with his loss hugely, and so I was extremely touched when my Nana gave me this charm bracelet that he gave her when they lived in London, which is what a lot of the charms relate to. I love it so, so much and I never even knew it existed until we were going through a lot of things to sell and my Mum isn’t much into charm bracelets, so my Nana asked if I would like it. So yes, me and my new little bracelet are inseparable.


3. MAC ‘Fun and Games’ Beauty Powder Blusher

I can’t believe this collection was released in what, 2009? Wow, where does the time go! I remember so vividly being at the counter on release day completely deliberating between ‘Tippy’, the super hot pink shade, or this one ‘Fun and Games’, oh how sad I am! I’m glad I decided on this one because it is a gorgeous peachy blush and works perfectly with my colouring. I love wearing it with peachy looks, and as I’ve been wearing it every single time with the new Sleek peach palette, I’ve really realised how much I love it, and the texture is uh-mah-zing. Wish MAC did this more.


4. I Love Crafty Puppy Soap

I only featured this yesterday, so you already know I love it, and how could a pink bubblegum scented Puppy shaped soap not be a favourite? Yes indeed!


5. Love Hearts Necklace

And okay, super repetitive here, with another I Love Crafty feature, but I love this little necklace so much! It will be the perfect accessory to cute pastel spring and summer dresses. Yum.

6. OPI ‘Do You Lilac It’ Nail Lacquer

I had totally forgotten just how much I loved this nail polish until I digged it out from my collection on Sunday. It’s the perfect colour to herald in the new season, and I had totally forgotten how amazingly easy OPI’s huge brushes make nail polish application such a breeze. I think I have re-fallen in love with OPI for sure.


7. Sleek ‘Avoir La Peche’ Palette

I am absolutely loving Sleek’s latest themed palette release, and this peachy hued one has to be one of my favourites ever. I have literally been using it non-stop since I got it, and my favourite combination is Parfait with Blush and Redstone, with a little bit of Bellini in the inner corners, and Sandstone as a highlight. It’s a very lovely palette, and if you haven’t got it yet, I would highly recommend it! You can check out my review and swatches here.

027 (3)

8. JOY Rabbit Necklace

You all know I adore rabbits, and when the gorgeous Sarah at A Million Dresses mentioned this little cutie in her wishlist I had to get my hands on it! Thankfully I am in easy reach of a JOY and it’s such a lovely necklace. I’ve been wearing it any chance I get, because, well, it’s super cute, and you know spring is the time for cute little bunny rabbits running around. Nuff said!

001 (2)

9. LUSH ‘Saving Face’ Serum Bar

Here is something else I have told you all about recently, so to save unwanted repitition, please check out my review which you can read here. But in a nutshell, this equals happy, beautiful skin, but be warned, don’t fall in love too hard, as it has been discontinued :’(.


10. Beautiful Spring Blossom

For the last few weeks this beauty emerged in my garden, isn’t it the prettiest blossom ever? It made me so happy so I took tons of photos and it really made me feel spring like. Unfortunately all the rain yesterday swept it away, but thank goodness I have some photos to remind me how beautiful it was.

So I think I’m done! What have you been loving this month?



  1. Thank you so much for sending the bobby pins really quick hun! They're adorable. I just blogged about them here. I love the Fun n Games blush and the Sleek palette too! :)

  2. The charm bracelet is really pretty. I love that it has all the sentimental value too :)

  3. Such a lovely charm bracelet, such a lovely way to remember your Grandpa. The I Love Crafty things are great, the puppy soap is adorable :) x

  4. I love that nail polish, such a gorgeous colour!
    That charm bracelet is so special, I love how it's pretty but also has a special meaning to you.

  5. So many cute things in the post! Lucky girl! Love that mega cute doggy soao, its adorable! xx :o)


  6. Lovely favourites!! I wish I new mac existed when the hello kitty collection came out :( that is gorge! The charm bracelet is a lovely thought too xxx


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