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Good evening my pretties. Today I have a little sneak peak of something I’ve been working on for a while. I’m kind of annoyed that I’m leaving it so late to show you, but I’m literally the slowest crafter of all time. But for what seems months and months now, I have been working on some wire headbands. Now I know, I know (and trust me when I say I know!), the high-street is selling these in abundance, with everywhere from Primark to New Look, but they have 100s of people churning them out, and I have just me!!! So it’s taken me a while, and to be honest I’m not there yet.

When you see these for sale in Primark for £1.50 (I’ve done my research!), it would be easy to assume that these take a nano second to create. Well, unless they have express sewing machines that literally sing and dance then I can tell you for a fact that these actually do take a lot of time to create! Everything from ironing the fabric, cutting it to size, etc etc. And I’m not really happy with the double stitch method, so this will take even longer. With all that said, I LOVE making these, really I do! And I know you can get these on the high street, but I really want to make something unique, and I absolutely love wearing wire headbands. They are so perfect when you’re having a bad hair day! Fabrics I have in the works are:

  • Russian Dolls
  • Hello Kitty
  • Butterflies
  • Music Notes

And some other cute prints, but I don’t want to tell you all everything! So then I have a question for you all. With the above said, would you consider spending £5 for one of these, even though Primark sell them for £1.50? Bearing in mind all of my designs will come with lace and a far prettier fabric. Let’s call this a bit of market research, your opinions really do mean a lot to me! I’d love to know you thoughts, and I will leave you with some close ups below!





  1. Oh its gorgeous!
    Uhm, Im not sure about five pounds?
    I mean, I probably would to be honest and its gorgeous and will last longer than a mass produced primary one, Im not sure if everyone would spend that much though? Just being honest, but let me know when the music ones are available
    Izzy x

  2. how did you do the labelling? x

  3. Aww this looks gorgeous! I went into Primark the other day to purchase one but they didn't have any!
    I would be prepared to pay more than £1.50 but less than £5 to be honest. A fiver would be just a little too much for me, especially if P+P is added on top of that. Although i do really love this one!
    Can't wait to see more. =) xXx

  4. I love those wire headbands. I picked up a couple from New Look, I think they were £3.50. They are ok, but the fabrics aren't that pretty.
    I think if you use pretty fabric people would pay £5. If I saw one I liked I wouldn't mind paying £5, but I probably wouldn't go any higher, unless it was really special :) x

  5. Thank you all so much for the feedback, it's certainly given me a lot to think about!

    @ Kia- the labelling was done for me when I set up my shop :).


  6. Hi! Did you see the one I made?


    I would deffo pay £5.00 as making them myself appreciate the work it takes especially if you dont have a sewing machine! :) xo

  7. I really really love the one in your post, I'd definitely buy that one!! I'd probably pay £4 for one! xx

  8. I would pay a fiver for it as long as I didn't have to pay P&P as I think once that starts getting added on it makes people double think, but from experience of buying them from Primark I know mine came apart after 2 wears so would rather pay more for quality, something prettier and something that time and effort went in to instead of being mass produced xxx

  9. I think I would happily pay £4 for one as you are paying for something handcrafted and unique. Something special and bespoke that not every girl is sporting, and I am sure they will be much longer lasting that the New Look ones. The wire on one of mine is already poking through the fabric! xx

  10. They are gorgeous. the thing with primark is they can sometimes go on the verge of tacky where as yours look vintagey and more appealing. But it really depends whether would be willing to spend £5 on them, it really depends on the prints I think xo


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