When She Dances in Topshop Shoes…

Thanks to Black Swan, the film starring Natalie Portman, ballet fever has just set in. I myself have lately been engrossed in the infamous Ballets Russes for one of my assignments so it was about time I did some ballet related posts, don’t you think? Well I actually have a few up my sleeve, but not literally! I’m actually a failed dancer. I have had lessons since I was 5 but was abysmal…and truly, this is not an understatement, so I think I gave up two or three years later. Music and art were my things, but dance, oh no. But I have always admired ballet, and the visual element, so much so, that after all these years I still own some of my old ballet kit!

And you’re probably now wondering what the Topshop in my blog title has to do with ballet, but I was in there after work on Saturday (opps!) and I fell in love with these beauties:


Aren’t they beautiful? They’re like little ballet shoes and delicate slipper shoes all rolled into one. Now if you know me really well you know I hate flat shoes, I know, I know, perhaps hate is too strong a word, but I do dislike them. I mean they look gorgeous on everyone else, just not me, and as I’m ridiculously short, I have grown up wearing heels, so that’s just what I’m used to. However I am aware that I am doing severe damage to my poor toes (and legs!) so I’m trying to give flats a go. But I think the transition is going well if I can walk around in these pretties. Here are some more close ups:




The last photo is in a different lighting. But what do you think? I am yet to wear them out for fear their beautiful silky fabric will get ruined in the rain and muck, as my Uni is a mass of cobbles and uneven pavements! I’d love to know what you think though. If you want some for yourself, click here.



  1. So cute! Topshop also do ones with ribbons for you to tie up round you're ankles. I knew I'd make them dirty though so I didn't get them!

  2. @ Sophie Isobel- ooooh they do? They sound gorgeous! I am very worried about getting these dirty!!!


  3. They're beautiful.
    I love 'ballet pumps' <3

  4. As pretty as some flats are I hate shoes like this.....they would fall off my feet :P

    I have been tempted by some Vivienne Westwood X Melissa flats mind you!


  5. I used to do ballet when I was younger too, I dont think i was any good either! I have similar topshop pumps but these are gorgeous! X


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