Shopping Guide To: Brighton

Style Guide Disclaimer: I will feature many cities/towns in Style Guide, but please note that I do not live in every place mentioned. Thus, I cannot account that at time of ‘going to press’ (how else can I phrase this?! haha) that the information present will always be 100% correct. Shops come and go, so please do not use these posts as a definitive guide as I would hate for anyone to be disappointed because you have not been able to find said shop/place etc. The information listed is merely suggestive and if you do happen to think I’ve missed something out, then I would absolutely love to know. Feel free to comment and I can edit it in. If you’ve actually read this, I thank you, and now please enjoy the post!

When I was growing up my favourite magazine was Elle Girl, and one of my favourite features was their monthly shopping guides to cities throughout the UK (and sometimes other countries). I then used to explore all the featured places and take my little copy with me so I knew which shops were a must visit. To revive the good old days, I have decided to do my own version, as I adore shopping (obviously!) and travel in equal measure, and so it seemed the perfect new feature for my blog.

But where to start? Well I asked on Twitter and tons of you said Brighton, which of course when you think about it, does make total sense. Brighton, a city on the South Coast of England, has nearly a thousand shops selling everything from modern high-street chains to the retro and the kitsch to the fashionable; it can be a veritable shopaholic's paradise. In fact, did you know that Brighton boasts more shops per square mile than any City in the UK? Isn’t that incredible?! So with that, it seemed the perfect destination to start my style guide adventures.

So before I start getting shopping happy, I thought to this map would be useful at illustrating just how spread out and diverse shopping is in the city. You may want to print it off, or use it to refer to shops I mention, because I’m going to use the colour sections as my main focus points, and then list some places of interest underneath.
North Laine
Best for: original and vintage fashion, music, homewares, toys and gifts.

Oh North Laine, truly has to be seen to be believed! Before I begin, may I suggest you take a look at North Laine's very own website right here where you will find a full shopping list of everything to see and do and you may also want to print off the North Laine shopping map which is here

So armed with your map above let's begin our journey to North Laine, a Dickensian bustle of criss-cross streets tucked between the train station and the Royal Pavilion. It is made up of an impressive half a square mile that is home to over 320 shops, 25 cafés, 15 pubs and 4 theatres. Yes, 320 shops you read that correctly, so there’s truly something for everybody, with shops oozing retro chic, to vintage treasures, to just plain funky, this is my favourite area of Brighton without a doubt. Bargains hunters may also like to spend many an hour at the weekend flea markets or bric-à-brac shops. If it's true fashion you're after, you'll find everything from up and coming designers to 80s retro, from white tuxedos to vegetarian shoes. It is also great for food lovers too, where you'll find a specialist cheese shop (shame I’m allergic!), an organic health food store, a handmade fudge shop and a Chinese supermarket with a noodle bar above. If you’re a people watcher, soak up the atmosphere at the cute cafés in amongst all the action. 

It was hard, but if I had to pick some of my favourites from this area it would be the following:

Beyond Retro - 42 Vine Street, Brighton BN1 4AG; +44 1273 671937;

(For truly amazing vintage fashion with a flirty feminine touch. Grab yourself a full mod outfit and one of their infamous poofy petticoat skirts. You may even find a pink poodle bag like I did one day, though I cannot promise what treasures are to be found!)
To Be Worn Again - 24 Sydney Street, Brighton BN1 4EP and 51 Providence Place, Brighton BN1 4GE; +44 1273 624500

(One of the most fun vintage shops in the whole of Brighton, in my opinion! Not only is the shop like a throw back to the hippie days, complete with fun artwork outside, but it houses vintage clothing from all across Europe, USA, Japan and of course the UK. Most importantly, super affordable!)
Sugarhill Boutique Outlet, Sydney Street, BN1 4EN, +441273 911959

(So it goes without saying that an outlet selling discounted Sugarhill boutique clothing is amazing, and so it is! Here you'll find little Sugarhill gems with a rather incredible £10 discount rail outside. The only teeny tiny problem about this place is that you have to be lucky on the day you visit as for me there were so many things I wanted but hardly any in my size. Definitely the kind of place you need to stalk for the best deals!)
Get Cutie, 33 Kensington Gardens, Brighton, BN1 4AL, +441273 687768;

(Stunning clothes and accessories in a very distinct rather lovely Bluebird fabrics. This is definitely one of Brighton's most iconic shops!)
Mama San, 102 Gloucester Rd, BN1 4AP, 01273 623388,

(A lovely little place selling all sorts of cute clothing and accessories with a penchant for unicorns and pugs!)
Ju-Ju, 24 Gloucester Rd  North Laine, Brighton BN1 4AQ, 01273 673161 ,
(This is an absolutely must visit during your trip to Brighton's North Laines! Ju-Ju is a fascinating shop with a rather drama filled past where they hit the headlines by selling rather naughty childrens t-shirts. Back in 2007 however they were taken under the wing by Mary Portas on her very first shop makeover and it now houses an array of fabulous brands). 
Pen to Paper, 4 Sydney Street, BN1 4EN, +441273 676670,

(If you're a lover of cute stationary you must visit this gorgeous shop. Fill of luxury wrapping papers, cards and the most enchanting note books and journals you could possibly find.)
Dirty Harry, 6 Sydney St  Brighton, East Sussex BN1 4EN
01273 607527

The Lanes
Best for: Jewellery, fashion, chocolates and gifts.
Of course our style guide to Brighton could not begin without a mention of the infamous Lanes area. The Brighton Lanes offer a shopper’s paradise of independent shops and boutiques. Once the heart of the fishing town of Brighthelmstone, the Lanes is a historic quarter with romantic twisting alleyways (known locally as twittens, apparently!) offering an extraordinary mix of antiques and jewellery shops nestling alongside specialist contemporary and designer boutique fashion. Packed full with cute, quaint shops and funky restaurants and cafes, you’ll get lost in their enchanting nature.  Don’t be surprised to hear the eager sound of buskers livening up the streets, making the Lanes a great place for the exhausted shopper to grab a coffee and soak up the history to the sounds of some live jazz.

In the not-too-distant past, The Lanes were home to rows of dealers selling antique jewellery, china and furniture. However many of these have been replaced by a mixture of upmarket chain stores including the most amazing MAC store.

Here are some of my favourite picks from The Lanes:

Dollydagger Boutique Brighton, 6 Brighton Place, Brighton, BN1 1HJ, +441273 748019;
Angel Food Bakery - 20 Meeting House Lane, Brighton BN1 1HB; +44 1273 208404;

North Street & Churchill Square
Located in the heart of Brighton only 10 minutes walk from the station and 5 minutes walk from the beach, Churchill Square Shopping Centre has 90 shops, restaurants and cafes all under one roof. So if you’re a high street fan, then this may be more your thing. But your usual high-street favourites also sweep their way into North Street, the main 'high street' that runs through the centre of Brighton. Here you can find the usual shops such as Mango, Snappy Snaps, Body Shop, The Pier, Boots etc. alongside a few more unusual stores like Kurt Geiger Shoes and LOMBOK interiors. North Street is a bustling road full of activity, connecting the North Laine area and The Lanes, all coming from the central Clock Tower. I don’t have any particular must-haves, as everyone knows what lurks on the high street! The Topshop is really good, and there’s a LUSH tucked away on East Street 5 minutes from North Street.

So that my lovelies, is me all Brightoned out! I hope you’ve enjoyed my first Style Guide, and I would really love to hear your thoughts on this series, and where you would like me to feature next. Are there any Brighton residents reading this? If so, have I missed something out? Please let me know and I’ll edit it in!



  1. Aww I lived in the north laines until 6 months ago. I miss it so much *sob*. Great round up hun xxx

  2. I love the lanes I always spend far to much money there whenever I visit Brighton which for me is quite regulary, theres also a little place on the pier im not sure what its called but she sell's one off hand crafted jewellery and you can always barter with her to get the price down so worth a look if your there xx

  3. Amazing post! I LOVE Brighton! Had a weekend there in the summer with my boyfriend, we had such a lovely time we're going back again for Valentines day =) xxxx

  4. @ Lauren- oh wow, what an amazing place to live! I would be so poor! So glad you liked the post then! :).

    @ Charli!- yes I always spend too much there too, but it's so quirky and you know you won't bump into someone with the same thing on! Thank you for the little info about that shop on the pier, I will check that out for sure :).

    @ Karleigh- awww that sounds perfect, great place for Valentine's Day! So glad you liked the post :).

    @ kirstyb- I know, it's truly amazing :).


  5. YAY! I live in Brighton! Great post!! We also have a lush!! :) xxxx

  6. Great post! I could of done with this when I went to Brighton for the first time a few months ago. I spent a lot of the day wandering lost around the lanes in the snow! I only found all the cool shops in the North Laines when it was almost time to go home. I can't wait to go visit again :)

  7. i LOVE this georgie!!!! I have always wanted to go to Brighton and now i neeeeed to go =) thank you sooooo much =) xx

  8. Fantastic post! I love Brighton, I go there fairly regularly to shop or see my friends perform and just have a fun day out at the beach. I always have to struggle getting home on the train with all my shopping bags :P
    Also, you're allergic to cheese? D: Poor thing!

  9. i love brighton:)xxx

    check out the AlexanderMcQueen scarf giveaway:)

  10. I love beyond retro! We have one in London. Thanks for the guide! The next time i'm in brighton I will check out some of the recommendations! x

  11. @ Adele- Yay, hello Brighton resident, hope I've done you proud! Yes I am a huge fan of your LUSH. Loving the new concept store layout :).

    @ Gemx- Blimey the lanes in the snow, that sounds tricky!

    @ Hayles- Awwww yay, so, so glad you liked the post, and hope it's of some use!

    @ Lillian Funny Face- Haha, that sounds like me! And the bags are all nice and Boutiquey! And yes, I'm allgeric to cheese, it's kind of weird, and seriously annoying! hehe.

    @ Thekla- me too :).

    @ Joanna Louise- Yes Beyond Retro is amazing, such a fun store! The London one too is also amazing. So glad you liked the guide :).


  12. Oh and a huge thank you for all the lovely comments guys!


  13. Great post! I had a quick nosey around The Lanes when I went to look at Brighton uni a few years ago and I really wanted to have a proper visit and check Brighton out. Your post is really making me want to book a weekend there! xxx

  14. Loving your style guides series - I don't know how I missed them before! Brighton and Bristol - my two favourite places. Actually, Brighton just edges it - I used to live there when I was a student and after, and it was 5 happy (and very stylish) years. I remember I had a friend staying with me and we spent 3 days solidly shopping - North Laine one day, The Lanes the next and finally Churchill Square - happy times! xx


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