New York Fashion Week: Betsey Johnson Fall 2011

Betsey Johnson Fall 2011-Credit Mbfashion week channel.

Another fashion season is upon us, and no sooner has it started, it’s now over! As many of you know this week was New York Fashion Week, and tomorrow London gets it’s turn to shine. I know it’s awful to say it…but I do prefer New York Fashion Week, but it’s only because my beloved Betsey Johnson has a show there, whereas she doesn’t in London, simple as that! It honestly doesn’t seem any time at all since I was talking about the Spring/Summer 2011 collection, but here we are now discussing next autumn and winter’s fierce looks will be be lusting after later this year. And I know, I know it’s still cold…and I do believe that it’s still snowing in some parts of the country?! I know for a fact that many a morning I am still scratching ice off my car, so it doesn’t harm to get a little head start by sporting the trends already! This year I was fortunate to watch the live show from her website, right in front of my eye’s, in my Primark PJs (I succumbed!) and far than fashionable surroundings!

But as I said in my last post,  a Betsey Johnson show is like no other. There’s no serious fashion editors frowning in the front row, although there are probably still the pouting celebs! Betsey’s shows neither follow trends or dictate them. Rather, it’s an outlet to express her punky, frivolous and fun loving style. Lastly, a story or theme is at the heart of the show.  This season Betsey’s theme couldn’t have been more perfect for Valentine’s Night, which was titled, ‘He Loves Me/He Loves Me Not’.

The show was divided between these two themes, ‘He Loves Me’, to ‘He Loves Me Not’, and the huge, exciting difference between the two will be revealed later, but first we begin with the ‘He Loves Me Not’ theme, and all the clothes featured are part of her ‘Black Tag Line’. The show opens with Harajuku esque gothic Lolita girls, with short blunt black bobs adorned with lace wearing corseted dress coats, plaid, copious of clashing animal print, voluminous-skirted dresses with fitted with layers of tulle beneath, velvet capes, Victoriana-style severe tailoring and finally, Betsey’s classic bold florals, which also adorned not only the fabrics, but became accessories too.

Isn’t the last piece incredibly Galliano esque? On the whole this collection was so much darker than any year, and perhaps this is because Betsey’s plans to take this label to new editorial heights, and recently stated, "getting crazier than my price point has permitted." And I definitely felt this was a very editorial show, with everything from the styling to the make up was far more high end, and like I said, some pieces are very Galliano esque, who is the epitome of editorial, don’t you think? I mean it wasn’t my favourite Betsey Fall collection personally, but I’m excited to see the above.

Okay, so now for the really exciting news…are you ready? Okay, well I have just discussed part one and now for part two, which is titled ‘Pink Label’, and the ‘He Loves Me’ part with everything…wait for it….under $100, (roughly £60). Isn’t that amazing?! I am so, so excited about this, and I really hope it gets more people into Betsey who can’t justify the current costs. As Betsey told, "I've been wanting to do this forever, but I had to do it my way and not partnered with a big-box store. It started with the airline stewardesses who would buy my bags or perfume but couldn't spend a pay check on a dress."  As a result the new ‘Pink label’ really is for everyone, and to prove this Betsey had 50 of her employees (even the guys!) model the looks on the runway while wearing wigs designed after Betsey’s signature platinum do!

I absolutely LOVE this new line, and I’m so excited that this will get more people into her designs. I was upset at first when I heard Steve Madden now owns the line, but if things like this are starting to happen then I am very content with the arrangement. To finish the show, Betsey emerged disguised in a black wig and coat, and started to dance with Pat Field! Then loving hugs for her daughter Lulu, and finally, a bevy of models traipsed out after in rose hued knickers, with ‘He Loves Me Not’ T-Shirts and huge heart candy box headpieces that read “I F♥cking Love You.” If you want to see the show in full from the website then you can view it here and I highly recommend you do, because it shows you all the madness that happens backstage, and Andrew Bevan from Teen Vogue is a cute presenter! I will be back with a look at the beauty in a future post.

Of course no Betsey show would be complete without the infamous cartwheel…this woman is 68 years old, oh yes she is! And this just epitomises Betsey’s line in one word: fun.

All Image Credits can be found here at ELLE.



  1. Oh wow! Everything is beautiful! And I think I actually prefer the stuff from the cheap (er) line :D I can't wait for it to come out. I want that lightning bolt cardi and the pink stripey dress! And I love that she's used all sorts of models, and they all look gorgeous. Wonderful stuff

  2. I can't wait to check out the cheaper line. I am literally within a few miles of a BJ store. I love the clothes in that line a lot more I think.
    BJ is just such an incredible person.

  3. loved this post so much! the betsey johnson show was truely amazing!



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