My visit to the heart of Mulberry…

So on Monday I went to The Mulberry Factory Shop, which is situated in the beautiful heart of the Somerset countryside,  in a cute, cosy old building on the A37 in Shepton Mallet. The factory shop is just moments away from the Mulberry Factory and headquarters, and the shop carries a wide selection of bags, accessories and clothes with fabulous discounts. There is even a little coffee trip for those who plan to make a day of it!

Founded in rural Somerset in the 1970s, Mulberry is a luxury leather goods and lifestyle company with its roots planted firmly on English soil. A purveyor of some of the most iconic accessories in fashion today, its name has become renowned throughout the world for quality, tactility and craftsmanship. The brand's backbone is an extensive line of luxury bags for men and women that combine stylish, stand-out design with the finest leathers and detailing. Mulberry has gained a cult status, coveted by celebrities and consumers alike, and the Alexa bag, modelled on Alexa Chung, is just one example of this.

If you happen to live locally, or fancy a road trip, then I would highly, highly recommend giving the shop a visit. The sales assistants couldn’t be lovelier, and although I didn’t get anything, I definitely plan on making a purchase in the future, and they weren’t pushy in the slightest. Simply lovely, and so I will leave you with some photos to entice you further, enjoy!
A lot of photos I know, sorry about that! Don’t you just love the cute stickers and postcards? I posted about them on Twitter and I was inundated with where to get them, and whether it was just this location. Well I presume they will be in all Mulberry stores, so be on the lookout! If you would like any directions to it feel free to let me know as believe it or not, I’m pretty handy with a map!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, let me know if you’re a fan of Mulberry, and if you have already visited the shop. If you’re planning on making a weekend out of it, I believe the Charlton House has many connections to Mulberry, so would make the perfect stop for a Mulberry lover!

Visit Mulberry, and find out more, here.



  1. Thats really near to where I live. It so nice in there and its really welcoming and peaceful. I got my leopard clutch from there. xxxx

  2. @ daisy- ooooh amazing, I would love to say I lived near something as amazing as Mulberry! I bet your collection is pretty impressive then!


  3. Oh my gosh you have made me want to travel down south to go!!!!! xx

  4. I wish I live closer :(
    Despite living in London, there are not many factory outlets here!
    The promo pics and stickers are so pretty! The location is really nice too! xxx

  5. I would love to own a Mulberry. I think the one I want is called Roxanne. I have a mulberry outlet store near me so might have a look in there! Interesting post hun! x

  6. Ooh it sounds like you had a good day, I'd love to visit there one day!
    I thought the photo of the shop was actually my uni for a second!

  7. It looks amazing!
    Really great post, I learnt some new things :)
    I love the stickers too!

  8. I wish I lived closer, but I'm in the states!
    I want to get a Mulberry bag, I do have a Mulberry for Target bag which is very nice too, but I do want a Mulberry one :) Those stickers are such a good idea!

  9. Great pics! Amazing! Loved to read this:)

  10. I've been meaning to go here for AGES!!! I don't really have much of an excuse as I don't leave far away, I have persuaded my dad to get me a Mulberry as a graduation present so me and my mum are off on a day trip soon to check it out! :D xx

  11. Hahah I wouldn't say really impressive. I have two bags, a clutch, a purse and a keyring :)
    but they are all my babies.

  12. How funny, I drove right past the Mulberry factory shop on Wednesday on my way to a meeting. Will have to pay it a visit someday!

  13. ooo it looks lovely, I wish I had a mulberry!

  14. Lucky you!!!!! I love mulberry!!!
    And Your blog is awesome!!

  15. Ooh how fab, love the pics.

    Sadie x

  16. Fab pictures :) Sounds like you had a lovely day :).

    Happy New Year :)


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