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Yesterday I hit the big ol’ capital city for the LOOK magazine show and I truly had an amazing time! I haven’t really stopped since I got back, at about 11pm last night, because I’ve had work all day today, so please excuse the photo binge you see above. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I have been wanting to go to this show forever, as I’ve literally been a LOOK girl since their first issue back in 2007. Since the LOOK show concept has begun, I haven’t had much luck in acquiring a ticket, as it’s literally done on a lottery ticket basis. Finally this was my year and I won tickets with Uniqlo, (a company whose name I simply cannot pronounce!) and as my Mum couldn’t come, and my friends couldn’t give a stuff about fashion, I posted a Tweet asking those who were also desperately trying to track down tickets if they wanted to be a +1. I was swamped with @s and so then felt cruel about picking one, but unfortunately I only had one ticket to play with, so my lucky +1 ended up being the lovely Charli.

The event this year was at Victoria House, in the Holborn area. It was pretty easy to find as a non Londoner,  although the queue was seriously intimidating with a mass of seriously gorgeous fashionistas, and random paps everywhere!  We went in a huge room where we were swamped in Champagne, canapes, chocolate fountains, and one by one celebs came pouring in. Charli and I became pretty good at celeb spotting, and as I’m a country bumpkin, it was particularly exciting for me! We got to see Lucie Jones (of X Factor fame, who my brother has an insane crush of, so I got a photo for him!), Marina Diamandis, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Keisha Buchanun (you know, the ex- Sugababe!), Emma Willis (far too gorgeous), Shayne Ward (oh yes!) and the big name went to the gorgeous Olivia Palermo, of the City. She was stunning in real life, and I had no idea until that morning that she was going to be there.

After that we were all shuttled off to the catwalk where models sashayed down the runway in this Spring/Summer 2011’s key trends, from the likes of New Look, River Island, M&S (yes, Marks and Sparks!), Monsoon and more. I majorly failed at getting any good photos of the catwalk, but I really want to discuss what I saw, so this will have to wait until another post. After the show everyone went back to the room we came into where Wonderland, a new girl group apparently, gave a performance. After that Charli and I parted ways and I battled my way back on the tubes. One day I will learn to walk and act like a Londoner!

The best thing about the day was not only the fashion and celeb spotting but of course meeting tons of other lovely bloggers. I had the fortune of meeting so, so many lovely bloggers and I think sometimes we forget that our community is smaller than you think, and as I’m not in London, and can’t go to events, this was such a lovely opportunity to meet fellow bloggers with interests similar to mine. So a big wave to the lovely Michelle, Lily, Gem and of course my gorgeous +1 Charli. It was so amazing to meet you all, and they are all so amazingly sweet in real life, just so you know!

I am now exhausted, but I still have so much more to say! Were you also at the LOOK show? Did you try and get tickets, been before? Let me know all your views, below, per usual!



  1. So glad you had a good time, I was fangirling so much when I spotted Olivia Palermo! Was lovely meeting you. xx

  2. I won tickets with them too :) oh no I really wish I had met you, there are so many amazing blogs that sometimes you don't know about :( well I hope next time we can defo have a chat. I love the blog BTW great photos. I recorded Alexis (how gorgeous was she !)
    I had an amazing time and I'm glad you did too kitten. Much love Laura are you on twitter? Need to add you xxx

  3. Yay!! Shaaaaaayne! Our new best friend :) Haha!
    I had the best day and it was lovely to spend it with someone as great as you!

  4. I am so jealous! I would hav lived to have gone. Ur pics are great, looks like u had list of fun! How donu find out about all these blogging events u talk about? I would love to know, I need to keep my ear to the ground more!


  5. I live in the states so I didn't go! But it looked like you had a lovely time! That is so sweet that you saw Oliva! She is just gorgeous!

  6. OH WOW! it all looks so so amazing :) you lucky thing

  7. i won tickets too! shame i didnt get to meet you!! you have great photos by the way!xx

  8. Wow, looks like you had a great time, the show looks amazing! well done on winning those tickets x

  9. Oh wow! We wish we could've been there, it must have been SOOO much fun!! Did you get to meet the gorgeous @LaraLain!?

    T & J


  10. @ Michelle- was SO lovely to meet you too my lovely, can't believe we saw Olivia Palermo! She is a beauty.

    @ Vintage and Cake- I wish I could have met you too! And thank you so much, I loved your post, it was great you recorded Alexis. Her voice is amazing. Oh and yes my Twitter is @dreamsglitterxo :).

    @ Charli- haha he is indeed! And awwww you're a total sweety, right back atcha my lovely!

    @ Pretty Things- thank you! Umm events are a weird one. You usually get invited by email but they're literally ALL in London, and midweek or weekends so I can never go as I'm either at Uni or work. Kind of sucks, but that's how they work.

    @ Emily Anne- she is indeed, she's gorgeous! Thank you for reading from the States!

    @ Steph0188- is was amazing, I so hope you get to go one day lovely!

    @ DoYouNoah- sad we didn't meet either, and thank you! :).

    @ *Peonies and lilies*- awww thank you lovely, hope you get to go someday soon, it's a lot of fun.

    @ The Style Rawr- Hey! I'm not actually sure who that is, but I will check them out!



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