Lady Gaga Born This Way For Vogue

I don’t know how many of you love the Gaga, but I sure do! Therefore I couldn’t help but share some images from her new Vogue cover shoot as I think she looks amazing. As she prepares for her new album release, it makes you realise how far she’s come since her debut single ‘Just Dance’, which I fondly remember during my early Uni days. Here are some of the images, with stunning photography by Mario Testino.

The pink wig is obviously her new look, complete with bleached out eyebrows, which I don’t think will catch on as quickly as the pink hair! But what do you think of this cover shoot, and her new look? I adore the middle two photos, I think the setting, almost like an Italian garden or something, makes her seem softer somehow. The two dresses are stunning, and yet somehow quite different for Gaga? I don’t know, but I think she looks amazing!

Image Source 1 & Image Source 2



  1. she looks amazing as always! Love BTW too xx

  2. Love a bit of Gaga! Not loving the eyebrows, but the dresses are gorgeous!

  3. I love her dresses!

  4. I can't really make her out - sometimes her looks seem to make her look quite severe and almost, dare I say it, ugly.

  5. @ Cowbiscuits- I love BTW too! She does indeed look amazing :).

    @ Sophie Isobel- haha, not loving the eyebrows either to be honest, but the dresses on the other hand, are yes gorgeous :).

    @ kirstyb- I know doesn't she? But in a really good way :).

    @ Hayley- same, they're stunning :).

    @ trandajones- definitely :).

    @ Ballet News- yeah I know what you mean, I think it's her trying to rebel againist the typical look of a female popstar?



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