Favourites: February 2011

Tomorrow is March and I know I go on about how time flies, but can anyone else seriously believe how quick 2011 is going? For me it is. It’s been a pretty good month actually. I got really high marks for both my assignments, which I’m ecstatic about, and I won tickets to the LOOK show last Friday and had an amazing day so yes, it’s all gone quickly, but has been good! So here’s a little look at other things I’ve been obsessing over, and as ever, please link me your posts below, or simply list your favourites in the comments.


1. AX Paris Gold Rabbit Necklace

Isn’t this necklace adorable? I love rabbits, they’re one of my favourite animals, and forever I have wanted a pet one, but nope, I was never allowed. Instead, I love collecting accessories and clothes or anything with a cute little bunny on to make up for not having a live one! This necklace was by AX Paris and I can’t find any jewellery on their website, but I actually got this in New Look as they stock a lot of AX Paris stuff. It only cost about £3 and I’ve been wearing it non-stop! I mean, just look at it, adorable!


2. B Never Mint Julips Lip Scrub

Yes I know what you’re thinking…is this a LUSH product? Well it is now, but originally it was a product from their sister company B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful. Said sister company sadly closed down in 2009, and LUSH swiftly moved this ingenious little scrub into their main line. It specialised in make up and fragrances, and was made by the same bods behind LUSH. I worked there, and for LUSH for many a year, so I still have the vintage products, but this is an amazing product. You can simply rub it on dry lips and it makes your lips super smooth again. I have been suffering from disgusting lips all month, but this helps such a lot. You can get the LUSH one here.


3. Harajuku Lovers Baby Fragrance

I have mentioned these so, so many times on my blog, but that’s because I love these fragrances so much! This is probably my favourite, if I had to pick just one, and it literally smells of baby powder! Great for this time of year and it last a long time and it’s just gorgeous basically! For my original review you can click here. Oh and the reason she looks a bit different is because this is the Snow Bunnies launch release version.


4. Lee Stafford Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist

Lately I’ve become a huge fan of Lee Stafford hair products. For one thing they smell amazing, which is always a bonus, but secondly they actually do work. I’ve been using his flat iron protection shine mist for a while and it’s the only thing that I actually feel protects my hair and makes it really soft and shiny. I’m still using an ickle travel size, because you never need a lot, but I’m definitely getting the bigger size soon.


5. Cosmopolitan Beauty Blender Sponge

Okay so no this isn’t the beauty blender, and I haven’t got the pack to hand, so I’m not sure what they call their version, but this is basically a cheap £5 version of the infamous Beauty Blender Foundation Sponge. There’s literally no difference between the two, except for the Cosmopolitan version curves in a bit in the middle…it’s like an hourglass or something!!! I haven’t tried the Beauty Blender itself, but this is so cute, and it works fantastically. You can use it wet or dry, with foundations, concealers etc, and the handy little point is great for blending tricky areas like under the eyes and around the nose. A big thank you for the lovely Kim who told me about this little thing, and stopped me buying the main Beauty Blender (which I believe is £15?!) at IMATS!


6. The Goddess Experience: Goddess Guide II by Gisèle Scanlon

This is a very recent favourite, but something that I had to mention! You’ve probably seen this book without even realising at River Island etc but I actually spied it at The Works for just £3.99 so I thought I’d pounce on that fantastic price and give it a whirl. Now I’m not a book person at.all. I mean I love non-fiction, but as for reading, reading? Nope it isn’t for me, but I love books like this filled with handy little tips and unashamedly girly. It’s a really nice read and covers literally everything from how to wash and care for cashmere to the best shopping in Paris! Maybe I’ll do a proper post on it? Let me know please! But this is the website for it.


7. Creme Eggs!

I think you’d have to be in the UK to understand this favourite, because it’s Cadbury’s Creme Egg, which is basically a seasonal chocolate egg with a dangerously addictive sugar filled gooey inside, I can’t really explain it, so if you’re still intrigued click here! But wow, like I said, it’s addictive! Doesn’t help that they’re everywhere, including on this adorable cupcake, but it was gorgeous, so I can’t resist!


8. LUSH ‘It’s Raining Men’ Shower Gel

If you love ‘Honey I Washed The Kids’ soap then you’ll adore this shower gel. It’s so gorgeous and I’ve been using it every day since I got my hands on it. They seriously need to make this a non-limited product and it’s such a lovely shower. If you want to see more photos I blogged about it a few weeks ago.


9. Nails Inc ‘Porchester Place Nail Polish

I know you’ve probably seen this photo before because I did a NOTD of this polish just the other day. Like many others at the LOOK magazine show, I was fortunate enough to get this for free in the goody bag. I’ve never thought much of Nails Inc but this particular one has really surprised me, and I’m still currently sporting it on my nails and toenails. It definitely makes me feel that the warmer weather is not far away!


10. The LOOK Show

I know, I know, I promise to stop going on, but I had a fabulous time at the LOOK show and so had to give it a mention in my favourites. For risk of sounding repetitive, check out my full post here.

And that’s it! So what are your favourites for February?



  1. can't wait to hear about the look show! and oh my gosh that creme egg cupcake looks amazing! xx

  2. I love the Lush shower gel! I didn't know be never too busy to be beautiful was Lush's sister... You learn something new everyday :)

  3. I'm not a fan of creme eggs but that cupcake looks so delicious!xx

  4. @ Daisy Bee- I blogged about the main day, but still have other things to blog about! And yes, the cupcake was amazing :).

    @ Sophie Isobel- glad you learnt that :). It was so sad it shut down but it just never really took off.


  5. @ Holly- it was amazing! :). I know a few people who aren't so keen either, but this was a mini creme egg, which is even nicer!


  6. Aww i love the rabbit necklace (i've had soooo many pet rabbits) I recently bought the cosmo sponge and it's raining men =] xx

  7. Yum!! That creme egg cupcake looks good :)

    Thanks for posting about the Gisele Scanlon book I have the first Goddess Guide and love it, so now I may have to take a trip to The Works to see if I can can find it, hope it's as good as the first :)

  8. love this post!
    Cream Eggs omg, the best things ever created by man I swear! :D

  9. OMG I *love* that rabbit necklace, I'm also obsessed! Have you seen @FashionTeller17's bunny Mulberry t-shirt? Gorgeous!
    I need to get to my nearest The Works too and find The Goddess Guide, I've got the first and loved it!

  10. Loove this post! :D
    I really want the Lush shower gel, I love the smell of Honey I Washed the Kids but not the formula of the soap. But it's a bit pricey for me. I also really want that cosmo sponge, I've heard so many great things about it!
    Also I don't really like creme eggs but my god that cupcake looks insanely good!


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