NOTD: Nubar ‘Peacock Feathers’ Nail Lacquer

Hello gorgeous ones, it’s me! Yes me, the girl who neglected her blog for many a moon, but I’m back, I promise! I finally finished my two assignments and I now have a mini ‘break’ before the next lot of deadlines roll in. So I apologise for being a bit rubbish lately, but thank you so much for all being so sweet and understanding.
I have so many posts I want to do at the moment, but I wanted to ease myself into things with a NOTD, although ironically it was probably one of the most challenging posts to date, because I just couldn’t get a good photo, or any good photos for that matter. But this nail polish is an absolute stunner and so I feel kind of bad my photos are so amateurish. The name pretty much says it all- a nail polish with every shade you could imagine in a peacock feather from deep navy blue, purple and greeny-goldish hues. It is so, so beautiful, and like glittery nail polishes, it doesn’t photograph well, but please believe me when I say it’s stunning. It’s one of the most beautiful colours I own and in general I adore Peacock inspired stuff.
Here are some doggy close ups:
The photos above illustrate how in some lightings it’s blue, another purple, another green, or gold etc. If you really want to try a Nubar polish I’d highly recommend this one. I’ve had it for a while now but strangely haven’t included it in a NOTD until now. Just a tip though: try using 3 coats as it’s quite a thin formula.
If you’re searching for Nubar in the UK then try Ebay or Beauty Shed. Prices range, but I picked this up with a 25% discount at Beauty Shed. But what do you think of this shade, or Nubar in general? If you click through my archives, you’ll find a lot more Nubar related posts, as I get asked about it a lot!



  1. Lovely polish, so many colours. I like polishes like that, it means I can keep myself entertained just staring at my nails! :P
    Hope your assignments went well! xxx

  2. @ Gemx- you are like me then!!! I adore polishes that change colour. So gorgeous. And yes thank you the assignments went well in the end :).



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