How I Organise My Scarves and A Few Faves


It’s official this month I am a blogger slacker. It’s not like I’ve lost my blogging mojo or anything, in fact, I’m full of ideas, it’s just I work quite a lot, and when I get back home it’s pitch black at 2pm or something ridiculous. In addition I am a procrastinator, so when I should be essaying, I just stare blankly at my notes and yeah, you know the score! Anyway, I am rambling, but I just wanted to explain where I’ve been as a few have asked.

So now onto the subject of this post. Well I absolutely adore scarves, and when I said on Twitter I would be talking about them in my next post, a lot were interested in how I organised them. Until Christmas I didn’t really have a proper place to store them, but over the holidays I’ve had a mini spring clean, and found I stored them on this triangle coat hanger with holes in which I hung my scarves delicately through. Well for Christmas my Mum actually got me a Butterfly version of this same invention, and I must admit, I was rather keen to swap it for the one I had now, even though they basically do the same job. Goodness, does that make me really superficial? I hope not, I just like butterflies…and pink!



I forgot to take a photo of it without scarves, but the above is the closest you can see to what it looks like without being covered up. You simply feed them through the little holes in its prettyful wings and that’s it. This is a fantastic way to store scarves, and if you keep it organised so the long ones go along the bottom, and then the short at the top, it looks really lovely. Now I was going to leave the post at  this, as isn’t this wonderful enough, but I know you all wanted me to talk about a few of my favourite scarves, so for you my lovelies, a little looksie into my collection.


River Island Paris Scarf

I’ve mentioned this in a favourites post, it’s so pretty, and when I wear it, I feel like I’m almost in Paris. Lush : ).


Sunflower Watercolour Scarf

I got this scarf in Covent Garden, and it was a little pricey as it’s hand painted. However the gorgeous watercolour design was so beautiful I had to get it.


Butterfly Printed Scarf

I’ve had this one forever but it has butterflies, and as has previously been explained, I love butterflies, and I still wear it a lot!


Bay Ladybug Scarf

I got this at Bay in one of my first years at Uni, but I don’t think the shop exists anymore? Anyway I saw this scarf for about £2 (no really!) and knew it was meant to be, hehe.


Indian Elephant Scarf

This really is one of my favourite scarves, because the print is so cute, and my Mum got it for me in India, so I kind of feel it’s very much a symbol of there, and truly unique. Also, I like elephants, which is random, but I do!


Yumi Owl Scarf

Excuse the seriously blurry photo, but here is another favourite, my owl Yumi scarf that is the most recent addition. I love owls, and I love how I can wear this in my hair, should I want, as it’s small enough.


MAC Fafi Scarf

And yes, this is the scarf you probably spied it in the above, here is my beloved MAC Fafi beauty. I got this in 2008, which I believe was when the collection was launched. I wanted this scarf more than anything else from the collection, and thankfully got it before it sold out in 10 seconds. I absolutely love it, and my favourite way to wear it is with a little heart on my cheek and bright lips so I am truly Fafi esque : ).


Betsey Johnson Scarf

I couldn’t not mention my beloved Betsey! The photo doesn’t capture just how much of a beauty this is, but it’s basically just a collection of Betsey’s sketches. It’s probably my favourite scarf of all time. I have a lovely case for it, but like to hang it up occasionally for easy reach. I actually got this from Ebay, so although was nervous it would be okay, it’s perfect.


Select Peacock Scarf

I’m not sure if many know of the store Select, but there are a few dotted around. I don’t always find a lot in there, but I think this thin scarf was about £2 and although delicate, it’s so gorgeous I wear it a lot.


H&M Guitar Scarf

As a musician I gravitate towards music and fashion pieces, although I don’t actually play the guitar, well very well at least! So in short, I don’t know why I got this scarf, but I like it nonetheless!


Claire’s Accessories Russian Doll Scarf

Of course I had to get a Russian Doll, because you all know how much I adore them! And would you believe this is from Claire’s Accessories? It’s always worth seeing what they have there, but although marketed at the Tween market, there’s some little treasures in there too!

So that’s a little look at my scarves, and organisation. If you want the exact one I have it’s called the Schildkraut Butterfly Scarf Hanger, and it’s this exact one here. Depending how many scarves you have, you may need several! Anyway lovelies, how do you store your scarves?



  1. The Betsey and the Paris and the guitar are my faves. You have gorgeous scarves! I am seriously lacking in the scarf department. Need more. And the butterfly hanger is brilliant!

    Also, Claires is sometimes really surprising, best to avoid it on a Saturday though else you'll get trampled by the hordes of twelve year-olds elbowing their way towards the Justin Bieber merch :D

  2. i LOVE it!! i adore the select scarf, i will have to check out select next time i am at the white rose (i usually avoid it) xx

  3. Ohh wow, I have as many scarves as that, but sadly they are stuffed -I mean CRAMMED into a top shelf of a wardrobe.
    I am SO keen to know where the butterfly scarf holder came from, I neeeeed one :D

  4. I love all of those scarves! I could do with one of those hangers it would be great for my tiny uni room!

  5. loving the butterfly hanger :)
    and I need to do something like this for my scarves!! x

  6. These are absolutely amazing! Love how you store them too! x

  7. Yay! Another lady with a scarf addiction that matches mine : D Can never have enough, the ultimate accessory - keeps you warm in winter or keeps your hair off your face in summer!

    Amanda xxx

  8. Thanks for inspiring me to get organized...I love the peacock scarf!

  9. Thank you for sharing! Checked the site to order my self a butterfly straight away but it seems they are all sold out :( am now on a hunt for an alternative as i have so many lovely scarves that just get shoved in my drawer and it would be so nice to display them like yours!

  10. Very pretty! I love the guitar scarf - it's very cool.

    I don't store my scarves at all - which means I always lose them! I've never seen a scarf organiser before, such a good idea!

  11. i love anything and everything with butterflies x


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