Favourites: January 2011

The first month of 2011 already, and I almost wrote 2010 then! I’m still getting the date wrong! I haven’t got as many new favourites this month, which I know is boring, but a few golden oldies will be making a re-appearance! But enjoy anyway, and as always I want to know your favourites too.



Okay so it’s not a thing, but for me January always equals IMATs! I went again this year and had an amazing time. I only wish a- it was more than once a year and that b- it was in a better location! If you want to see my little overview of IMATs then I have a separate post.


2. Vanilla Fragrance Nail Polish Remover Pads

I mentioned these last month, so boring I know but these are totally amazing. I got a small pack from Accessorize, but I’ve since been to Yumi and got a huge tub because they are just love. First things first, they smell incredible, and secondly, they leave your nails really nourished.


3. Russian Doll Memory Stick

I’ve mentioned this on here before but it’s just so adorable, is it not? I love taking it to Uni and convincing people that it does actually hold memory on it. And you all know how obsessed I am with Russian Dolls!


4. Hello Kitty Corsage Hair Bow

This has to be my favourite bow I’ve made recently! Hello Kitty with some Hello Kitty ribbon…it’s simply too cute! For one lucky girly it can be purchased here.


5. MAC Pro-Palette

I just got this at IMATs…and literally just this! But I adore Pro-palettes. There’s something very satisfying about filling them up and making them look like an artists palette. Love, love, love! I’m going to make this my ‘neutral palette’ with all my favourite everyday browns such as ‘All That Glitters’ and highlights like my beloved ‘Vanilla’.


6. River Island Knitted Bow Headband

So it’s not quite as cold as it was in November and December (or is it just me?) so I’ve been wearing this type of accessory a lot to keep my head warm! This one is super sweet and snug and is exactly what I’ve been searching for. You can find it online from River Island here but I also love this one.


7. New Look (and Primark!) Wired Hairbands

So I’ve been secretly making these for a while now, because of course when you are just one girl with a thread and needle as opposed to the fast machine that is the High Street I was always going to be beaten! So I did go out and buy these lovelies because these hairbands are really fun to wear and I really like the prints. They are all from New Look, apart from the stripy/spotty one which is from Primark for wait for it, £1. Yes £1. I cannot compete with this!


8. Tangle Teezer Hair Brush

I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged about this little pink thing before, so I apologise for sounding repetitive but in a word: love! This is the perfect accessory for anyone with long hair prone to tangles. It manages to completely smooth my hair out, and I don’t know whether it’s my imagination, but it also gives my hair a shine. Little pink thing of wonder, you have to get one!


9. Make Up Is Art Book

Another IMATS purchase that I eye’d up last year but it was only £15 this year so I snapped it up. It’s very much a book geared up for a career in the world of make up, but it’s also a wonderful read for any make up enthusiast. I adore the visuals and there’s some amazing step-by-step guides to some wearable and but also  avant-garde looks. I really love make up books so this is a great addition to my collection. But if you’re looking for more of a ‘how do I apply make up book’ then I’d look into something by Kevyn Aucoin.


10. River Island Sequin Bear Hat

So you all know I adore the River Island bear hats, and my brother got me this cutie for Christmas that I mentioned in this post, and how much I wanted it! Isn’t it adorable? Post will follow soon!

So leave me your favourites!



  1. I love those wire hairbands, I'll have to have a look in New Look for some!

  2. That book looks amazing! Tangle Teaser is one of my favourite things too :)

  3. I've wanted a tangle teaser forever, since seeing it on Dragons Den!

    X x

  4. I love the sequin bear hat, so cute :)
    I've not noticed any wire headbands in new look, I'll have to have a closer look, they look lovely :)

  5. aw iv got the river island headband.. perfect for bitter cold days! xxx

  6. @ Hayley- definitely do! They're reallyy cute and they're really cheap too!

    @ Lillian Funny Face- it really is a great book! Very inspirational. Yay for loving Tangle Teezer too :).

    @ x Beauty Geek x- oooh yes lots of people mention it featured on Dragons Den but I missed that. Might try and find the clip on Youtube. The Tangle Teezer really is amazing :).


  7. @ Gemx- they are hidden in the hair accessories bit! Would totally recommend them :).

    @ Jennifer- Yaaaay so glad you've got it too, I love mine so much!


  8. I must be living under a rock here because i have never heard of a wired headband ! .. I have that panda hat amazing isnt it ;-)


  9. the babushka doll is so cute :)!

    i've posted my beauty favourites on my blog too ^_^

  10. @ Honey- they've not really been on the highstreet much before this season, at least, I haven't seen them! Oh and of course the hat is amazing, and cute and beautiful :D.

    @ Jennifer- I will for sure check them out!


  11. The sequin bear hat is so unique!


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