Favourites: December 2010

I’m actually writing this on the 2nd January of the new year, but silly old me forgot to do my favourites from December! Therefore please excuse the rushed-must-get-some-photos-before-it-turns-dark! haha. December was an okay month for me. I hope it has been a good month for all of you, and here now are just a few things I’ve been loving.


1. Russian Doll Memory Stick

Please excuse the disgusting chipped nail polish, and I know I keep showing you all this, but I can’t get over how cute it is! You all know I love Russian Dolls and so when I got this for Christmas I was so excited. It’s 2GB, and even though I don’t truly know how much that is (total techno-phobe), I believe it can hold a good amount!


2. Accessorize Silver Butterfly Laptop Holder

Again, I’ve blogged about this little beauty before, and so I won’t say much but I’ve so glad I snapped it up before it sold out. It’s the prettiest laptop case I’ve found, and if it had a handle, it would be perfect!


3. Russian Doll Earphones

More Russian Dolls I hear you say? Well I told you I was obsessed! I’ve been wanting the Lady Gaga Heartbeats for a little while now, but when I saw these I had to get them. They also had some little cupcakes too but the Russian Dolls swayed me slightly. I’m not a massive mp3 person, but when I do, I’d rather use these than plain old black ones!


4. MAC ‘Rite Of Spring’ Eyeshadow

This is one of my favourite eyeshadows MAC have done, and it’s funny because it’s not really anything special or original, but I like how it has this whiteish-gold-creamy strong pigment to it, and just still sheens. So to me that makes it pretty much unique. It works perfectly as a highlight or all over colour. In fact lately I’ve just been wearing this, Urban Decay’s 24/7 pencil in Stash and mascara and that’s my eye make up complete. It came out in the 2006 ‘Danse’ collection, and I think there’s a swatch here. And the title is amazing- after one of the greatest ballets of all time, it seems very appropriate!


5. Accessorize Floral Scarf

You may have noticed that I like Accessorize…although I’m not sure how obvious this is? ; ). This was actually a Christmas present from my lovely friend, she knows me so well! I actually don’t own many Accessorize scarves but now I own this lovely this will change! It’s so, so soft and the floral pattern with sequins and polka dot makes it really modern. I love it so much. I actually have a organisational tip for scarves, so I will post about this soon.


6. New Look Cream Heart Earrings

Excuse the rushed photo, but the earrings on the far left and right at the top, are the ones I’m talking about! These earrings are really cute and I have a matching bracelet too. I love how they’re quite 60s, retro and vintage looking. I’ve been wearing them so much recently. They’re just really easy to wear. And New Look jewellery is so cheap, well, when you compare it to Topshop, Miss Selfridge etc. I’d recommend taking a look, I always used to overlook it, and missed some beauts! But no more!


7. River Island Tapestry Bag

This is why it’s always worth going to the sales at least once, as I managed to snap this little beauty up for only £17! It had originally been £30 something before. And in my opinion, River Island do some of the best high street bags. They’re always well made and have amazing designs. I can’t remember seeing this one full price, but when I saw it in the sale I did umm and ahh as to whether I could truly justify another handbag, but the tapestry design was so pretty I couldn’t say no. And in my local store they were literally selling like hot cakes, so I knew if it had sold out I’d be disappointed. So yes, my new favourite bag, although to open and close it is annoying, as it’s got a weird buckle thing.

002 (2)

8. Primark Russian Doll PJs

Last mention, I promise! But for a while now I’ve been searching for some warm PJs, and although I’m not a huge Primark girl at all (sorry!) I fell in love with these. And you know what? They really are super cosy and I adore them. BUT they are starting to bobble already. So yeah, not fantastic quality, but at least they are cute!IMG_8167

9. OPI ‘Ruby For Rudolph’ Nail Polish

This really is a classic festive nail polish and I love wearing it at this time of year. I won’t say anymore on it as if you click here, I have a blog post dedicated to it.


10. LUSH ‘Snow Fairy’ Shower Gel

It’s not really Christmas without this little bottle of pink joy! I think it truly is a love or hate thing, but I absolutely love it. It smells unashamedly girly, but I bet you anything you’ll find at least one boy who will love it too! I’ve always thought it has a smell not dissimilar from Calpol, but again, you may disagree, haha. If you’re a lover however, stock up big time now before it hibernates until next Christmas!

So what have you been loving in December, or at the start of this new year? Let me know : ).



  1. Would love to see how you organise your scarves. I have too many to know what to do with!

  2. Ahhh some lovely and adroable pieces there huni! I too love Russian dolls and love the memory stick and headphones you got! I make Russian doll necklaces for Sara's Secret too :) Obsessed...he he xxx

  3. Such lovely things you have! Love the Russian doll PJs! xx

  4. Wow, Some Adorable Things There :)
    Love Your New Look Earrings :) x


  5. I love the Russian Doll earphones! I saw the cupcakes ones and i'm really regretting not getting them. The memory stick is cute too and who doesn't love Snow Fairy? xxx

  6. <3 your blogg :)
    Big fan, really unique, glad to see someone else shares my obsession with russian dolls! :)
    Izzy x

  7. Snow Fairy is Lush! funnily enough ha ha! I love it and bought a bottle just before xmas for my giveaway :) x


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