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I love nothing better than finding new blogs to read and follow. I literally follow hundreds of blogs because I love so many. Lately there’s been a lot of ‘blogs to watch in 2011’ type posts, and I thought this was the most fantastic idea. As a result, I’ve picked a few blogs written by a lovely group of girlies I know who you may not have heard of. In fact there are so many blogs to follow that I may have to do several parts to this post. Just so you know, some of these blogs are beauty/fashion related like mine, so I’ll add these at the top, but then the others concentrate on different themes, so I’ll list these under a separate title. Happy reading!

Beauty and Fashion Blogs

The Leopard Anchor- Sometimes I think I am this lovely blogger, because we are so unbelievably similar! If you adore Cath Kidston, nails, fashion, DIY and crafts then you absolutely have to follow this blog. You will fall in love with the writer of this lovely blog, because, well, she is an absolute sweetheart. So please skip over to her blog, grab a cup of tea and enjoy her lovely posts.



Cover Girl- The most fabulous name for a beauty blog, isn’t it? But be warned, if you plan on visiting this blog, which I highly, highly recommend you do, then hide your credit card and be prepared to want everything! Cover Girl always seems to find those wonder products first, and when she recommends something, you literally have to get it. Therefore when she warns you off a product, she’s always spot on too. I suggest you all go follow this lovely lady, but like I said, just hide the card!

Caroline Does Nails- If NOTDs are your thing (that’s short for Nail Of The Day, in case you didn’t know!) then you absolutely have to follow this blog. Gorgeous clear photos of amazing nail polishes that will make you want every shade featured!

A Dress A Day- A blog about life, photography, Harry Potter and pretty dresses. A wonderful read for like minded girlies!

Both Nine and Ninety- A true beauty and fashion blog! Has everything from OOTDs, NOTDs, and even FOTDs. Not only that but it’s packed with amazing, concise reviews and Konni is absolutely gorgeous! One to watch for sure!

All Things Girly- A blog about all things girly? That sounds like the perfect read, and this blog is packed full with girly gorgeousness from make up, to body and skincare reviews. The perfect girly read!

Pink Sugar Beauty- This is such a gorgeous blog, and the layout is so lovely. The quality of posts is just as good, and I thoroughly enjoyed this reading this blog from the very beginning. I think any of my followers would adore it. It’s all things amazing in beauty, with some great fashion finds too. Definitely a blog to watch for this year.


Parma Violet Nails- Definitely one of my favourite blogs at the moment, and written by the loveliest girl. And someone who quite possibly has more nail polishes than me!  You absolutely have to read this blog if you adore fashion, make up and nails. You’ll literally fall in love with everything that Laura posts!

Gold Threads- An absolutely stunning blog which is a must read for anyone who has a passion about jewellery. And doesn’t this blog have the most fabulous title? I think what I like best about this blog is that it’s written from a designer’s perspective, and therefore it oozes that passion and knowledge about the design element which to me is fascinating.


Dolly Simple- A blog written by a truly inspirational lady, who is devoted to her family and comes up with amazing ideas how to transform your everyday pieces into works of art. A true Super Mum and this blog is a real joy to read.

And once you’ve read all of those, then please check out these lovelies:

Diario Bunny Land

Yorkshire Lass Goes To London

Allie in LondonLand

Rachel's Project 3652011

Dont Shoot The Messenger-Oprah

The Fit Writer

Everything Is Imagined


I really hope you enjoy the above blogs, and if you’d like to be featured in a similar post to this, then please leave your URL below and I’ll definitely do another post soon.



  1. You've just provided my bedtime reading for this evening- off to have a look through all those blogs!xx

  2. Thank you so much for the mention!
    Becky :-) x

  3. Thanks for the mention.

    Sheila U. Photography.

  4. Thanks for the mention lovely :) I really must get back my inspiration to blog as i do have a lot to blog on :/

  5. Hey Georgie, thanks for the mention :D I feel special! Heh x

  6. Oh my goodness, I love all of these blogs!!! More added to my G Reader lol :)

  7. Wow some great blogs there, that I've subscribed too :)x

  8. these are great reads, thanks for pointing me to these fab blogs


  9. Thanks for the link! My blog is mostly about fitness and sport but also about journalism and writing (I'm a journalist and copywriter with a fitness specialism!) I hope some of you find my content interesting :D

    Nic (The Fit Writer) x

  10. Found some great new blogs, thanks :) xox

  11. So glad you're all enjoying the blogs mentioned. Hope you're following them all! :).



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