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I often get asked on here where I like to shop, and what kind of places are my absolute favourites. Well, like many, I think the British high-street is the creme de la creme for any fashionistas shopping needs, but I do also have a love for quirky boutiques or smaller boutique brands. One such brand is Yumi, which mixes vintage, London street style and intricacy into a whimsical girly paradise. You’ve probably seen the brand before in House Of Fraser, but if you’re very lucky, you’ll have a store near you like I do! I seriously need to stop going as much as I do, (but that’s another post altogether), because the point of this post is, if you’ve never heard of this brand then you must, must, must investigate! Here’s two little bits of their accessories I picked up recently, but I will also do a separate post on their clothes. I picked up this gorgeous, gorgeous necklace, complete with pearls, bows and a poodle…could you get any cuter? It reminds me of the lovely Milly’s blog in necklace form!




And the necklace was only £5 at sale price, but it was only £7.99 originally. I also got this cutesy Owl scarf, you know I have a little obsession for collecting owl things so this was always going to be hard to resist!




So what do you think? Are you already a Yumi fan, or have you never heard of them? The owl scarf was only £4.99 by the way, and on top of that they offer a student discount. So seriously my lovelies, what’s not to love? :).



  1. aaaah i love it! pearls, poodles...what more could you ask for! :) thanks for the mention my lovely xx

  2. I love Yumi, though I actually have only one dress by them. The range is sold in a boutique in my town, but in Camden there is a stall-shop that's the Yumi outlet and sells it at discounted prices.

  3. @ Milly- thank you for stopping by gorgeous. It just so reminded me of you! ♥ ♥ ♥ xoxo

    @ Julianne- oh my goodness reeeeeally? I am so heading to Camden, thank you so, so much for letting me know about this, I had no idea! ♥ ♥ ♥ xoxo



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