Walking In A Winter Wonderland…

Quite literally, and at this rate, it could well be a white Christmas! And the snow, plus unexpected amount of Uni work has made me a bit of a slacker around my little blog, so I’m sorry for this. However I have now broken up, so I can’t wait to get going on some more posts. I have so many new ideas! Don’t you just love a creative rush? Better put it to good use! Anyway, in the meantime, please enjoy some snowy photos from my winter walks, and with my car currently resembling an Igloo, these are becoming a regular thing! But remember, I’m not a photographer, but seeing everyone else's amazing photos makes me want a DSLR camera! Enjoy, and tell me what the snow is like where you are!












  1. I love your photos, the one with the berries is really Christmassy :)
    We haven't had any snow for a couple of weeks so its been nice to be able to get around although it's really icy everywhere! xx

  2. wow, that table picture is really good, a couple of weeks ago we had some really thick snow, then it was really icy so that wasnt good! Your pictures are really good:) xxx

  3. Lovely photos of the gorgeous snowwy scenes, its just so gorgeous to look at isn't it :)
    We are meant to be getting more 2night/2mro morning though, and I really don't fancy being snowwed in at work- not my idea of fun

  4. @ Caz- Thank you lovely! We have ice and snow, I wish it was just the snow!!!

    @ Teigan- awwww thank you lovely, the table made me laugh! Yes the ice is the bummer, so annoying!

    @ Kirstyb- thank you!

    @ Steph0188- ugh I know, pretty to look at, but no fun to be stuck in it! I love the snow, but hate the ice, and when snow turns to concrete. Just truly annoying!!!



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