REVIEW: Essential Ultra Honey & Shea Butter Deep Conditioner


In this weather, with our heating up the max, and sub zero temperatures it’s no wonder hair can often be a little frazzled. Now I’m a huge hair conditioner junkie, and there’s many brands I adore, but this is a new little gem I have found which I have to share with you all! I first heard about it from the gorgeous Imogen, aka, Imogen Foxy Locks on her blog, and well, you all know how beautiful her hair is, so I knew it had to be good!

Here’s a little description:

Essential Rich Premier Ultra Honey Hair Mask is formulated with 3X more high purity honey and milk protein to protect and strengthen. It provides intensive care, especially to the last 15 cm of hair, which is prone to dryness, tangles and split ends. Hair is left soft, elastic and easy to manage. The mask gives a scent of flower and fruit. It is added with shea butter, a repairing and moisturizing ingredient, to make hair extra smooth. Sunflower oil leaves a protective layer to keep hair soft and moisturized.

The product gives untameable hair a smooth and manageable feel.

Well I have been using it for a bit now and it certainly does all of the above. I really loved the Organix Coconut conditioner too but I’d say that this left my ends slightly more nourished, as promised. But to me a true deep conditioner should be on the ends of the hair.  I use it once to twice weekly as guided and I’m so happy with it.

Here’s an adorable advert found on Youtube, I love these adverts, we should have more of these in the UK! So Kawaii!

Credit: TheNuffnangSG


And as always I like to add photographic evidence that said product worked, although I find capturing hair so difficult. I hope you can see it’s far more shiny, but without feeling how soft it is, it’s a bit tricky!



Photos aren’t great I know, and are in different lighting, but I hope you can see from the above photo the shine, lack of flyaways etc. This is honestly one of the best, if not the best hair mask I have ever, ever tried, and if you suffer with very dry hair and coarse ends, you must give this a go!

Only snag…? It’s not really available in the UK, as it’s a Singapore brand. It’s probably very cheap there, but it can be found on eBay, where I purchased mine, for about £7 excluding P&P. There is also ‘Nuance Airy’ a pink design, which is designed more for limp hair in need of a little TLC. But if you suffer from dry/damaged hair, then this one is your best bet. The cheapest website I have found selling this product is SASA, for £4.50, but I have never used the website and therefore couldn’t recommend it personally.

So are there any Singapore readers out there who love Essential? Or if you’re not, have you used/heard of this before?



  1. Ooo i love the YT video - like you, i wish we had adverts like that in the UK.
    i hadn't heard of this product until now (thank you) i think i will be trying the pink one, as my hair is really limp. But knowing me, i will end up buying both =) xx

  2. I've been considering buying this for a while, now! and it was thanks to Imogen's blog too! You've definitely swayed my decision! :-)

    Have an amazing Christmas! xo

  3. Great review! It sounds great!! I love touching soft hair..heheeh

    & I agree, they should have adverts like that in western countries too!!

  4. This is one of my all time fav's :)

    Ive had around 4 tubs of this stuff now and couldn't live without it!


  5. @ Hayley- yes we so should, glad you agree! I hope you like them, I am so pleased with the one I have. Can't comment on the pink one, but I bet there's good reviews out there too. Seems to work for everyone which can only be a good thing!

    @ Jazzy E (hivennn)- thanks :).

    @ Lauren- awww brilliant, well I hope you love it. Definitely let me know how you get on.

    @ Lisa- haha, me too! Soft hair is the ultimate accessory. And yes, here's to more videos like that here!

    @ Gaby- it definitely is!

    @ beautyandthebeast- so glad you like it too! Wish it was available in say Boots or Superdrug!



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