NOTD: Frosty The Snowman


This year I have found a new love: nail art! I mean it’s simple: my addiction to nail polishes + my passion for art = why didn’t I start this years ago! Well I’ve dabbled with it a bit this year and sadly I have realised that it’s a hobby where you really need to shell out a bit of money to get some proper tools. In July I was fortunate enough to try Nubar's nail art pens and told myself I would get the whole set, but I keep forgetting, and also, I keep spending the money I save on other things. Fail. Well I still don’t have the proper tools, but as I’m still pretty much snowed in, like the rest of the UK, I decided to grab a few cocktail sticks and try my hand at a snowy nail inspired look. And as embarrassed as I am to show you the end result, I decided that posting these will really make me realise how easier and more enjoyable it would be had I had the right materials. SO sorry for awful photos, it’s the weather!





So do you nail art? And if so, do you have brushes, pens, the whole works? I think my new year resolution is to become a pro at nail art like the amazing Leanne. If you like nail art, and want to be wowed, then go to her blog!



  1. I recently started playing with nail art, but nothing as good as this! I tried painting with cocktail sticks, it was quite awful and messy! I love the snowflake nails, they look lovely and christmassy! :)

  2. i love love love your nails - as i told you on twitter =D super cute! Merry Christmas lovely xx

  3. OMG how clever are you?! ;) LOVE this! xxx

  4. I really like them, I love the little snow man! I need to get some proper nail art things, I want some of the Models Own Wah Nail Art Pens and some dotting tools as all I really use is brushes! xx

  5. Ahhh, cute! You know, you can just use acrylic paints on your nails too, which is good because the surface of the art isn't as raised, and they wash out of your brushes without having to faff around with acetone etc.

  6. @ Pretty Things- thank you!

    @ Gemx- awww bless, thank you. It is quite tricky with cocktail sticks, but I'm not really zipped up!

    @ Hayley- awwww thank you lovely, merry Christmas to you too!

    @ The Fashion Teller- awwww thank you gorgeous!

    @ Caz- ooooh yes I so want some of these! You're a whizz at nail art missy, I have a lot to learn from you!

    @ Robyn- ooooh you can? I didn't know that, I will definitely be trying this, thanks so much for the tip!



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