NOTD: American Apparel ‘Malibu Green’ Nail Lacquer


To be honest, I’m not very keen on American Apparel, but every time I do go, it’s the beautiful array of nail polish shades that always catches my attention. Now, I had put myself on a nail polish ban, but that wasn’t exactly going very well, so I decided to finally get this colour that I’ve been wanting for ages: Malibu Green. Okay so it’s not exactly anything different, but I love this kind of shade, and this creamy-teal colour is so stunning.




Sorry about the disgustingly short nails, but this weather doesn’t help! But ignoring this, it is such a pretty colour, isn’t it? I am also pleasantly pleased to learn that these polishes are DBP, toluene and formaldehyde-free, and with two coats you get a fantastic coverage. This is actually one of the first polishes I have ever tried from a tester in store, and even with just that one coat it looked amazing!

American Apparel polishes are £7, and you can check out the amazing colour range here.



  1. I always spend a ton of money in American Apparel but I've not checked out their nail polishes yet. This looks like a nice colour & formula, might have to go spend some more ack!

  2. This is a gorgeous colour :) really unusual :D xx

  3. I don't really like their clothes, apart from their socks which are amazing, but I'd like to check these out, the black is supposed to be amazing!

  4. I haven't tried any American Apparel polishes but it looks like I ought to. That colour is byoodiful!

  5. @ Caroline- oh you must ;). The pastels in particular look so gorgeous.

    @ Lauren- I know, it is indeed! And the name is fab!

    @ Robyn- I don't like their clothes either, but you've now made me want to check their socks out!

    @ Konni- thanks, it is stunning, you'll love it!


  6. Such a cool colour - might have to purcahse this me thinks! Sally x

  7. really nice high shine finish, my nails are super short but I might try a light colour from American Apparel x


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