Favourites: November 2010

Oh blimey, I don’t think I’ve ever been so late with a favourites post, so huge apologies for this! November has been a busy month, and it’s my birthday, and I’ve also had a lot of Uni work to do. Also this month we’ve had freakishly early snow, aka. The Big Freeze! Many places in the UK are still bogged down, but with me it comes and goes. It has made traipsing into Uni very difficult, as my campus is incredibly old and it takes a lot of persistent to get from one side to the other! But enough waffle, here’s what I’ve been loving this snowy November, oh and of course I took this opportunity to take some obligatory snowy photos!


1. Vanilla Fragrance Nail Polish Remover Pads

You know that nail polish remover scent that just makes you feel like you’re smelling paint stripper? Well I just cannot be doing with it! So when I saw these in Accessorize I thought my problem had been solved. I mean how could they not smell nice with that yum looking cupcake on the front? And trust me, these smell really nice. I mean I’m not going to say they smell amazing, but they have a very sweet, understated vanilla scent that is a million times more pleasant than the aforementioned paint stripper scent!!! I also love how moisturised my nails look after I’ve used them. I think I’m definitely going to get the bigger sized pot from Yumi next as I love them so much!


2. Sugababes ‘Tempt’ Fragrance

What feels like ages ago now I entered Lipglossiping's giveaway to win one of the Sugababes’ new scents that have recently been released at The Perfume Shop. All you had to do to enter was to name the scent which most appealed to you. I chose ‘Tempt’, as it sounded like my kind of scent, and then several weeks later the lovely Charlotte emails me to announce I have won. It arrived the day before my birthday, so yay for extra pressie! I actually wasn’t sure what I would think of this scent, and it’s not something I would have purchased, but oh my, it is very, very lovely. At its heart is purple orchid, sweet rose and berries, with tops notes of iced tea (no, really!) and blackcurrant, which meet the base notes of musk and vanilla. Sounds odd but is such a warming fragrance, and yet with a fruity twist. It reminds me one of the first perfumes I had when I was little, and absolutely everyone has commented on how nice I smell. I guess that’s the true seal of approval!


3. Nubar 2010 Nail Polish

I’ve been raving about this nail polish all month, and so now I will go on about it yet again! If you haven’t already, here is my initial post, but really this is just such a special nail polish. This isn’t your ordinary glittery nail polish, oh no! The glitter is like literal gold chunks and it looks absolutely stunning over both dark and light polishes. I will be needing a second bottle soon, that’s for sure! You can buy Nubar at Beauty Shed.


4. Accessorize ‘With Loved Merged Starlet’ Blusher

I discussed this blusher, and other bits and bobs from the Accessorize make up launch here, and a little while since that post and I’m still loving it! As I discussed in my post, the similarities to the MAC Mineralize blush range is quite amazing, and to me they are just as pigmented, as you can see from the swatch I uploaded to that post. Highly recommend this gorgeous blusher, and the colour range is pretty good too.


5. Nicola Roberts Dainty Doll‘Honey Bronze’ Eyeshadow

This is actually old school Dainty Doll now, as Nicola has since re-developed her whole make up range. I still absolutely love this eyeshadow and I have an old school review here. It comes with a shimmering base, which although would be hopeless as a primer, adds a beautiful shimmering dimension underneath the bronzey eyeshadow also included. I love wearing this eyeshadow on those lazy make up days, and quite frankly with mornings this cold, I have been reaching for this a lot lately!


6. LUSH ‘Whipstick’ Lip Balm

My lips are always, always dry, and so I can’t be without my lip balm. The problem is so many contain petroleum that I am very limited in my balm choices. However I have been using this lip balm for years and year now, and as with most LUSH things, it only contains things of beauty. And come on, who wouldn’t want to have a lip balm which smells literally good enough to eat? It doesn’t keep my chocolate cravings at bay, but if I stop using this and try another lip balm my lips just get disgustingly dry.


7. Accessorize ‘Mermaid’ (shade no.39) and ‘Electric Blue’ (shade no.42) Nail Polishes

Yes, more Accessorize! In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a little in love with their new make up range, and other than the blusher mentioned above, the nail polishes to me are some of the most stunning products. Both these nail polishes are gorgeous and glittery, and although could be dupable in other brands, I’ve never seen anything like this in other high street drugstore make up brands. If you want to look at these on the Accessorize website click here.


8. Snissues!

The cutest tissues ever, and don’t we just need them at this time of year? Absolutely essential, and these little deer ones from Topshop are just cute, cute, cute! I don’t think I can add much more to this, but I honestly love them, although yes, a little pricey.



9. Favourite lip combination of MAC’s ‘Lollipop Lovin’’ Lipstick and ‘Mimmy Lipgloss’

I think everyone has heard of ‘Lollipop Lovin’ lipstick, and since I picked it up from the Heatherette collection a few years ago, it is still a favourite of mine. In fact, I have several, and when it was released with the Sugarsweet collection, I picked up a few more! So why oh why can’t MAC make this is a permanent lipstick? Because there’s honestly nothing like this peachy/rainbow esque shade, which with ‘Mimmy’, from the Hello Kittty collection, over the top looks so lovely. It’s a perfect lazy nude lip, which compliments my lazy Dainty Doll eye make up look I discussed above, and wear almost every day.



10. Topshop Fairy-tale necklace

Last but not least this beautiful fairy-tale necklace from Topshop with three mystical horses pulling a total fairy-tale esque carriage, complete with the magical shoe. It’s a very delicate necklace, but it really is stunning, and is a reminder why I adore Topshop jewellery so much.

So that’s what I’ve been loving in November. But what about you? Feel free to link me to your favourite posts, or simply tell me what you’ve been loving :).



  1. I miss T-Tree Simplex. Like, a lot. I'm dead keen to try more of the merged baked blushes, one can never have enough blush. If only the Accessorize makeup was, ahem, more accessible.

  2. The necklace is so cute and you've convinced me to go and buy a few things from Accessorize! I love your snowy photos too :) xx

  3. Those Vanilla Fragrance Nail Polish Remover Pads must smell yummy!

  4. Starlet has very quickly becomes one of my favorite blushes - it's so pretty! I actually prefer it to a lot of my mac mineralize blushes! And those vanilla nail polish pads sound amazing! xx

  5. I love this post and thanks for sharing all these great products!! I love how you took photos of them in the snow :) xx

  6. I love this post and thanks for sharing all these great products!! I love how you took photos of them in the snow :) xx

  7. hope you had a great birthday and that all your exams went ok! love that mac lippy colour xxx


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