REVIEW: Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara


So back in September like many I pounced on the release of Rimmel’s new Lash Accelerator, a mascara which claims to instantly make lashes look up to 80% longer, and after 30 days of continued use, they’ll appear up to 117% longer looking. But did it live up to these rather advantageous claims? Well as a reminder, here’s what  my lashes looked like before the start of my trial:


And now…and just for this review, no concealer, foundation, clearing up or anything!





Excuse the barely there make up, but I didn’t want to draw attention away from the mascara. But what do you think? Do you think my lashes are 117% longer? Well, I certainly don’t! Has it lengthened my lashes slightly? Yes actually it has, but it’s not a huge difference, and one that I can’t convey in words or photos, it’s just something I feel when I look in the mirror, or when I curl my lashes and realise that they are in fact slightly longer. So although the effects weren’t for me miraculous, I really liked how strengthened my lashes are, and hardly any have fallen out since I have started to use this mascara, so this is wonderful!

For lash lengthening results though, I’ve found nothing so far that was amazing as Cargo’s Lash Activator, but at £20 ish, I simply cannot afford for this to be my regular mascara. So although this didn’t give me 117% longer lashes, I actually do like the mascara for doing what a mascara should do and for under £10, it’s a purse friendly price. But will this make me ditch the falsies? No.Way!!! Good mascara, but not enough to make my lashes always go au naturel!

Has anyone else tried this mascara? If so, what did you think? And if you haven’t tried this, have you tried other lash lengthening products?



  1. I mean it looks ok but a claim if 117% is ridiculous lol! Your lashes would then be reaching up over your brows, if they more than doubled in lenght..
    I haven't tried it as I'm always a sceptic!
    I've used lilash for 6 weeks, now and my lashes have frown loads.. So that product I believe in..
    Then again it cost 7 times more than Rimmel so I'd be very upset if it hadn't worked;)

  2. Tried it and can't see any difference, but don't care about lash growth too much. I also hate the fact that this mascara takes a huge long time to dry and it's quie messy when applied (think the small applicator picks too much product). I reviewed it on my blog a few days ago, if you are curious, you ae more than welcome! :P
    BEst regards!

  3. I bought this too but haven't tested it yet. I like the brush :)

  4. Your eyelashes look great with the mascara, but then they do in the before pic too.
    I haven't tried this, I think my lashes are fine as they are with normal mascara. If I want a dramatic effect I wear false ones.

  5. This is my current mascara too, and I think it definitely has lengthened my lashes a bit. Not 117%, but it's a really nice mascara to use, it doesn't go clumpy or spidery, and it makes my lashes look longer while it's on even if it might not have made a massive difference!

  6. they don't look 117% longer but they look fuller (:

  7. wow it look good.


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  8. Still finishing this mascara and really dont like it! it hasnt lengthened my lashes at all and cant even say much for the formula as it is so wet that every time I use it I have to make sure I dont look down for about 5 mins lol hugely dissapointed

  9. @ Cheeky Beauty- I know, and 117% is such a random number! Oooh yes lilash, I know Lollipop26 tried and loved that. To be honest though, I think I'll stick to my falsies now! haha.

    @ birminghamlady- Sucks yours takes a time to dry, mine is okay in this respect. Will be sure to check your review out lovely lady, thank you for stopping by!

    @ fashionedinfinland- yes the brush is good, I like small mascara wands :).

    @ Vintage Dreams- thank you lovely! I think I'm going to stick by your plan now, falsies are the way to go!

    @ Allie- kind of like me then, in that I like the mascara, and may continue using it, but as long as I know it won't make my lashes 177% longer! haha.

    @ Marisa- you think? Why thank you :).

    @ theclassyandfabulouswomen- thank you :).

    @ Charlee- aww no that's strange, mine isn't wet at all! In fact, it's a little dry :S. Maybe different batches?



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