NOTD: Misguided ‘MissFit’ Nail Splash- FREE with Cosmopolitan!

019Free with this month’s Comsopolitan magazine is a choice of 3 gorgeous Missguided nail polishes, or what they seem to call ‘Splash’, although don’t ask me why! I decided to go with the shade ‘Missfit’, as the other two were very pinky-nudey and not original looking enough. I’m really glad I picked up ‘Missfit’, which is described as a black/gold but to me it has very dark green undertones in it. Here’s a close up of the bottle:



Missguided describe it as a ‘classic black with a sparkly gold shimmer…mysterious and sexy, ‘MissFit’ is a Saturday night outfit essential’, and that pretty much matches the shade in the bottle! I really like the polish, it applies well, and the colour pay off is brilliant, so it only needs two coats. Interestingly when applied it looks quite green-ish in different lighting. Here’s two close ups:



The only thing I don’t like about this polish is that it chipped super quickly, which is the worst thing a nail polish can do. But for a magazine freebie worth £5 I’m pleasantly surprised!

So have you picked up one of these polishes? I’m not a huge Cosmopolitan magazine fan, but I’m really glad I have this colour in my collection. If you fancy anything other than nail polish, Missguided also sell clothes and accessories. On the back of the polish there is a discount code for free next day delivery which is: NXTDAYCOS. Oh and I should just say that this is an exclusive Cosmpolitan UK freebie.



  1. I think you picked the best colour, it'd be great for Christmas.

  2. I agree - that's definitely the best colour of the bunch. The others are slightly wishy washy to me! x

  3. I got that colour too - bizarrely, it lasted four days on me before it chipped! It then chipped in a big way, but for someone who's usually crap with nail varnish, getting a paint job to last four whole days was a miracle!

  4. @ Vintage Dreams- yes indeed! This my exactly my thinking :).

    @ The Bristol Beauty Blog- yes wishy washy is a good description! I think if they were the only choices I wouldn't have bothered to get a copy.

    @ Allie- oh lucky you! Well dark colours do chip badly, when they chip, but for some reason it didn't like staying put on my nails too long!


  5. How do you think MissFit compares to Dior Czarina Gold???


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